Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: October 1983

Min - October 1983

It’s October 1983.  In April of that year I met MrMM (see here for how we met) when I was 18.  I turned 19 in May 1983, so in the photograph above I am 19 years of age.

Where am I?  I am at the retirement dinner for MrMM’s father.  Here I am, a young girl of 19, having dated a new guy for only 4-5 months, at an important family occasion meeting many of the family for the first time.  The photograph below is a family shot that was taken on the night.  I have blacked out everyone’s faces except mine as I am a true believer in never publishing a photograph of anyone without their permission.  Lucky I ended up marrying MrMM or else this family shot would be despised by his wife as it would have his old girlfriend in it! Haha!

Min - Oct 1983

I don’t remember too much about that night, except there were lots and lots of people there!  There were also a lot of speeches and I was blown away by how respected MrMM’s father was by his work colleagues.  He had the same Secretary for some ridiculous amount of years and she spoke and said some lovely words.  She knew most of the family by name and knew MrMM’s mother particularly well.  Isn’t that amazing!?  I bet she selected many of her birthday gifts over the years! 😉

I remember a little about the dress I wore.  Unfortunately, the colours and detail don’t show up very well in these photograph’s.  It was white with fine gold detail and was really beautiful.  Well I thought so at the time!  We were at some posh location so I wore my very best! 🙂

Notice my hair?  There was no such thing as a GHD or any hair straighteners back then.  You relied very heavily on your hair dryer and/or hot rollers.  I used to love the Farrah Fawcett flicks and would spend absolutely ages blow drying my hair to achieve the look!


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  1. You look lovely in the photos. It’s amazing to think it was 30 years ago! I was only 12 and had just started high school, but I still remember 1983. Yes, hair styles and fashions have certainly changed, but it’s fun to look back.


  2. I love your Farrah Fawcett hair! You look great! Wow, that was certainly a big event to meet the family at. Glad it turned into a happily ever after story 😉


    • LOL why thank you Em! Shame it’s nearly 30 years down the track now and I don’t look quite the same!! Yes my mum used to iron her hair – sounds a tad risky to me!! Love my GHD these days 😉 xo