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Thankful for Opportunities

It’s Thankful Thursday today over at Six by the Bay.  Usually I link up my Thursday grateful photo, however now that I’m trialling just two posts per week with my grateful photo’s it provides an opportunity for a specific Thankful Thursday post.

Today is Anzac Day so it cannot pass without extending a heart-felt thank you to all our servicemen and their families past and present for their courage, dedication and sacrifice in order that we in Australia and New Zealand may live more safely and continue to make the best of the opportunities that our beautiful countries offer us.


This week, I am also feeling particularly thankful for the opportunity to study for a Diploma in Professional Photography.

Photography is something I have become very passionate about.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  It makes me feel good.  It’s like a form of creative, artistic escapism to me.  All the usual thoughts in my head (worries, problems, whatever!) all disappear and all my focus is on my subject and finding the right angle and adjusting my camera to get the results I am hoping for.  Managing to get a great photograph is such a buzz and something I will never tire of.

I am though only an amateur and I knew there was so much more to learn and so I have enrolled in an on-line course.  There are 12 modules and 12 assignments to work through.  I am working on the Module 1 assignment at the moment.  This course is hard!!  When I first read through Module 1 I wondered what on earth I had done.  It is all very technical!  I thought maybe I was in over my head, but I made a decision to not give in to my doubts and insecurities.  I have surprised myself in the past with what I have managed to achieve and I will do it again.  Positive thinking people!!  I have read and re-read through the module.  I have done some further research, and it is all now starting to click into place and I feel quietly confident with forging ahead with my first assignment.  Fingers crossed for good marks!

Module 1


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  1. You can do it Min! What’s that saying – how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! 🙂

    I too am grateful for opportunities. Imagine if I was still stuck in my boring Council job – I wouldn’t be having half as much fun (and stepping way out of my comfort zone!) as I am, with my new business|!


    • Thanks Janet! Just submitted my first assignment tonight! Gotta hold my breath now until I get the results. Onto Module Two now. Yep the end of your Council job happened for a reason. Just look at all the wonderful opportunities coming your way these days. Awesome stuff! 🙂


  2. Oh good on you!!! I would love to do a course like that and wish I had the creative flair that some people just seem to have naturally! Good luck and I look forwward to reading about how it all goes!


    • Thanks Zita! I love the artistic and creative side of photography but the technical side is where the challenge lies and there is ALOT of that in this course so far. I’ve submitted the first assignment tonight and am on to the next module now. Onwards and upwards and yes I’m sure you’ll hear how it’s going on my blog 🙂


  3. I hope you had less rain on Anzac Day than we did here in NZ! You stick with that course and amaze yourself. I’ve just been inspired a few of you here and enrolled in a creative non-fiction online course. Yet to find out what I’m in for.


    • We had no rain on Anzac Day Val! Fantastic to hear you have enrolled in a creative non-fiction online course! Sounds like something I would love to do also. One thing at a time though LOL Good luck with it. I hope you love it! I got the results back from my first assignment today. Guess what…I got 10/10!! Can’t believe it – so happy 🙂 xo


  4. Oh good on you for even enrolling! The whol idea of needing to learn that stuff kind of franks me out, but I don’t have the passion either.
    I bet you will love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from getting through it.