365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 197 to 201

I announced on my Facebook page that I was going to try posting my grateful photo’s only twice per week (rather than daily) and see how it goes.  I will post them on a Wednesday and then again on either Saturday or Sunday.  I’ll trial it for a while and continue if this works better for me or switch back to daily posts if I find that to be easier.

365 Grateful - Day 197

365 Grateful – Day 197Grateful for this last glimpse of the sun through a little pocket in a cloudy sky just before night fell.  This moment in time took my breath away.

365 Grateful - Day 198

365 Grateful – Day 198:  Grateful for a Sunday  morning sleep in.  

365 Grateful - Day 199

365 Grateful – Day 199:  Grateful for clean floors!  Our fortnightly cleaners came for the last time.  They are retiring and I’m not certain if I will replace them.

365 Grateful - Day 200

365 Grateful – Day 200:  Grateful for coffee and brunch with a friend at my favourite local cafe!

365 Grateful - Day 201

365 Grateful – Day 201:  Grateful for the delicious Lenard’s Racks of Chicken we had with roast vegetables for dinner last night. 

Lenard’s very kindly sent us two of their new Racks of Chicken to sneak preview and try.  They are tender, juicy chicken breast around Lenard’s completely fabulous filling, then crusted on top for flavoursome, crispy perfection.  Our favourite was the Maple Pecan (beautiful sweetness of maple caremelised over the toasty pecans) but we also thoroughly enjoyed the Tomato Chilli (an earthy sun-dried tomato flavour, a hint of sweetness, and a zing of chilli to finish it off).  They are so easy to cook.  Just whack in the oven with your favourite roast veggies – voila!  Delicious and easy to cook…what more could you want! 🙂

Keep your eyes out – The Rack of Chicken will be available in Lenard’s stores in June!!


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