Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Circa 1997/98

Flashback Friday - Circa 1997-98

I stumbled across this photo this morning and it brought back so many memories that I decided to use it today.  From the left we have Twin1, MissM, Twin2.  I’m guessing that MissM is 2-3 years of age and the boys 4-5.  The boys were obviously about to go to a pirate birthday party.  You can see that Twin1 is holding the ‘parrot’ invitation in his hands.

This photo was taken on the front stairs of our previous house.  It was the one and only house that we built but the second home we lived in since being married (not counting the unit we rented when first married).  All our children were born when we lived in this house.  We moved in around June 1991 and lived there for 17 years!  I really miss it.  So much of me and us is in that house – the beautiful hand-made terracotta tiles imported from Mexico, the gardens that we landscaped and edged ourselves, our initials in the slab where the garden shed sits and so much more.  We wanted to stay there.  We investigated extending by building up but we would only have ended up over capitalizing.  You see, we had outgrown the house.  We were bursting at the seams.  There was not enough storage, not enough room for us, so with heavy hearts we sold and moved.

Can you see our old cat ‘Monty’ up further on the stairs.  He was a beautiful gentle cat and lived till he was 12 years of age.  When we lived in our first house, a neighbour a couple of houses down our street moved out and abandoned their cat.  Their cat turned quite feral and had a couple of kittens.  Monty is one of those kittens.  The other kitten went to some friends of ours.  The abandoned cat went on to have another litter of kittens that were feral like the mother had become.  We managed to catch the mother and all of those kittens and took them to the RSPCA.  It was the smartest and kindest thing to do.

So this photograph reminds me of many things – how quickly time flies (it only seems like yesterday my kids were little like this); Monty our gorgeous gentle old cat; our much-loved home that we sadly had to leave.  It also reminds me of that street we used to live in.  We had great neighbours who became good friends.  Many of us had small children so we used to socialize quite frequently.  Those were such great days!


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  1. Thank you for sharing another great flashback. It never ceases to amaze me how many memories just one photo can evoke. It’s one of the reasons I love photography – it can be so powerful. You made me a bit teary talking about your old home. I’ve said it many times – a house is just a house, but a home is something entirely different. Having moved a number of times, I can certainly relate to this.


    • I love photography too Cathy – for many different reasons but including the memories a photograph can evoke! I totally agree with the ‘a house is a house but a home is a home’ saying. Even though our previous house was a bit of a hot box and too small for us – I really miss it. More of us is in that house than in our current house because we built it, landscaped it and lived in it through such a vital time in our lives – as we built a family. xo


  2. My kids often say they miss the house they grew up in – we lived there from 1993 to 2003 (they were born in 94 & 96) – and if that it ever goes on the market again, we should buy it!!!!


    • I think I said in my post that we moved into the house in 1991 but in hindsight I think it was 1990 and we moved out in 2007. We would not fit all our stuff in if we moved back. The house we are in now has LOADS of storage space. It’s a lovely house but it won’t be our final house. I’m hoping to move somewhere a little more rural and quiet in the future 🙂


      • Us too Min … we need more space for cars, & this week one of the neighbours complained about the volume of Mr 19’s music! We have just sold our block of land so are starting to think about moving on …