365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 194

365 Grateful - Day 194

I had a fabulous day today.  This afternoon I went to my friend Denise’s new house for the first time and then we went out for lunch.  I got to meet her two dogs (Keala and Ellie) and Coco who she is doggy sitting while her owner is overseas.  If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know that I adore puppies!  These three were just adorable.  Ellie loves cuddles and I was happy to oblige.  Coco is a little licking monster who also loves cuddles.  Keala loves a cuddle and didn’t object when I rubbed her tummy.  I could very easily have taken all three home with me but somehow I don’t think Denise would allow that! 😉

We tried to get a photo of me with all three dogs but it just wasn’t happening.  Coco stayed on my lap but as you can see from the photo’s of me with her, she wouldn’t keep her head still!  Such a shame because she has a beautiful little face which you can’t see in the photographs!  We managed to get some snaps of the other two and so I’ve turned the snaps into a collage for today’s grateful photo so that none of them are missed out.

We had a lovely lunch at Tanja’s Cafe Wellington Point and a big long chat catching up on everything going on in each others lives.  Denise and I have known each other a long time.  We used to work together back in the early 80’s.  Times sure have changed since then but it’s lovely to still be in touch after all this time.

I’m grateful for a lovely afternoon spent with my friend – a gorgeous lunch and chat and meeting her adorable doggies!

Note for Denise:  Sorry if I spelt Keala’s name incorrectly!!

Note 2 : Today’s grateful photographs were taken with my phone and are definitely not about fabulous photography today!  😉