365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 192

365 Grateful - Day 192

I’m grateful for a recent email from an old work colleague and the email conversation that followed today.

The email exchange with an old work colleague has really touched me.  This was someone I worked with that I connected with instantly.  She is younger than me, extremely intelligent and very good at her job.  I admired her work and she admired mine.  We actually worked in the same team for a while.  She doesn’t work at my old work place anymore.  In fact, she left well before I did.  After she left, we kept in touch and met up with other work colleagues every so often for drinks after work.

The original email and the email exchange today touched me because she has consistently kept in touch for quite some time.  She knows I haven’t been well.  She is genuine and she cares.  That my friends is gold!

The picture for today IS the actual original email from my old work friend but I have erased any identifying features obviously for privacy reasons.

Hope you’ve had a fantabulous day!