365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 190

365 Grateful - Day 190

I’m grateful for reminders of my life as a newlywed and the joy and excitement of setting up my first home!

I was married in 1985.  We lived in a unit for about 18 months while we saved for our first home.  When we moved into our first home, I began putting aside a portion of my fortnightly salary to buy each new edition of ‘The Country Look’ from the newsagent.  First up you got Folder 1 and the first section.  Each edition came in sections (not a whole folder full) so it was exciting to watch your folder fill up and then move on to the next folder.   For example, in Folder 1 we have:  Home Design – Creative Options; and Home Design – Country Styles.  In Folder 2 we have: Home Design – Colour & Pattern; and Home Design – Room Planning.

I would pour over every word, stare in fascination at all the pictures, diagrams and instructions, be hugely inspired and ultimately used many of what I learnt to decorate our new home.

The Country look was very in back then.  Not so much now, but there are still elements of it that I love and that would not be out-of-place today.  These folders may contain some outdated looks but they are still full of so much useful information and ideas.  I think it’s high time I had another look through them for some inspiration!!

Here are a few little snaps of what is inside those folder covers, but only a few snaps of so much more!  You will need to click on them to see them in a larger size.

Day 190 - 2

Day 190 - 3

Day 190 - 4

Day 190 - 5


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  1. Hi Min – popping over via FBLS – I was also married in 1985 and I’m in my almost mid-forties (well I’m 44, so I’m still saying early). My kids are younger than yours as we went through a long road of infertility and adoption (they are 9 and 3), so I guess they will keep me young. I remember how big the country look was – my husband and I built our first house (he’s a builder) and it was ‘modern colonial’ – country-style kitchen and furniture. Not my style now, but I still have a soft spot for the authenticity of the look…cheers..kathy


    • Hi Kathy, well fancy that! You must have been young when you married. I’m 48 and was 20.5 when I got married. I know a little about the infertility issue….we took over five years to conceive our twins and needed a little help for it to happen. My daughter was easy to conceive after that! Adoption was in our thoughts but we ended up having our own three. I really look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you! Re the country look – yep not really my cup of tea now either but there are some aspects that wouldn’t be out of place today (and many that would! LOL). Min xo