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The magnitude of your life

The magnitude of your thoughts

Everyone needs to be aware that how you think directly affects how you feel and how your life is lived.  This quote is a timely reminder to maybe have a little audit and spring clean of your thoughts.

Your thoughts affect what you do, how you act, the kind of person you are, how you feel, and what you attract.  Your thoughts can either solve problems or create them.  Regardless of what your thoughts are, they are within your control.

Of course negative or unwanted thoughts will pop into our heads.  This happens to everyone and is perfectly normal.  The trick is what you do with them.  Rather than focussing on the negatives, replace them with desirable thoughts.  Find the positives or what you’re aspiring for and focus on that.  Another trick is to surround yourself in positive and uplifting people and positive situations.

If you let your negative thoughts control you, not only will it affect your life but it will also affect your health.  Negative thought patterns can lead to physical ailments include stress, anxiety, anger and resentment. All of these have been shown to be a contributing factor in disorders and diseases such as cardiovascular disease, ulcers, blood pressure problems, headaches and respiratory problems.

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!



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  1. Min, I suspect I appear very confident and at ease in many situations. Mostly I enjoy people and am happy to talk to anyone and everyone… but mostly it hides how I really feel inside.

    I’ve joined a women’s group here at the Bay (for ‘businesswomen’). I’ve been told how great I am at schmoozing at events – which is true. I can walk up to anyone and tell them what I do (or don’t do) but… I am yet to actually approach ANYONE re my writing and blogging. I haven’t written to a single company or approached any PR peeps etc. I just don’t feel ready or confident enough. I know that I’m never going to make any many writing unless I put myself out there, but I’m just not game enough.

    Your post reminded me of that – I need to walk the talk!!!



    • I know exactly how you feel Deb. I want to learn photography to a professional level. My inner voice tells me “oh yeah…right…in your dreams!”…but I have decided that it is in my best interest not to listen to it. SO..I’ve decided to take the first step. I will soon be enrolling in an on-line professional photography course…with study, assignments, exams and everything. I will have a diploma at the end of it. Small steps and believing I can do it is the way to go. Believe in yourself. You are a very good writer! Make a plan and go for it! 😉