365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 185

365 Grateful - Day 185

I’m grateful for the ability to admire and enjoy all types of nature, including craggy and less typically beautiful nature!

I’ve said before that I love nature.  Some aspects of nature are typically beautiful (like flowers) and others are not so typically beautiful but I still see the beauty.  The photograph today is of the bottom portion of a palm tree in our backyard.  I would describe it as ‘craggy’ looking but when you think about it, isn’t it amazing!  This palm tree would be at least 15 years old and is very tall.  It is resilient and strong!  This craggy base and its root system supports the full height and weight of the palm tree.

I took a photo of the top portion of this particular palm tree for my 365 Grateful – Day 128.  Here is that photo below.

365 Grateful - Day 128