Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: 1965

Min - 10 months

It’s 1965.  A young couple have built their first house, moved in, and had their first baby.  Me!

This is a photograph of me at 10 months of age.  I know this because my mother sensibly wrote ‘Marguerite (10 months)’ on the back of the photo!!  I’m not sure where I am but I am sitting on the back of a car (which definitely gives away the vintage of the photo) hugging a golliwog.  Remember golliwogs?

Obviously I have no memories of this time, but I can tell you a little bit about my parents at that time.  My parents got married in 1962.  They met in Darwin where they were both working for the same bank.  My mother was from rural NSW and my father was from a town 130 kilometres south-west of Brisbane.  My mother was 21 when they married, and my father was 32.  Dad caught himself a young one!  He is actually 10 1/2 years older than mum.

After they married, they moved into a half house in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.  They were renting.  Dad had bought some land in a western suburb and they built a new house there.  They moved into that house prior to having me in 1964.  They still live in that house today!  Though, in the mid-70’s the house had extensions done, so it is much bigger today than it was originally.

During my childhood we spent some time living in other towns.  We lived in Warwick for a year and in Mitchell for 2 years before returning to our home in the western suburb of Brisbane when I was in Year 6.

I was their first child but they went on to have four more!  There are four girls and one boy.  There was me, another girl, the boy, followed by two more girls.  The youngest today is 37, the eldest (being me) is 48.

Dad is now 82 and mum is 71.  How quickly time flies!!


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  1. Time does fly! Lovely memories and I love that photo! I think I have one of myself as a baby sitting on the back of a car too hehe 🙂 It must have been one of those common pictures. How nice that your parents are still living in that same home as well – it must hold so many memories for you all! Thank you for linking up again – much appreciated xx


    • Hi Cathy – the baby sitting on the back of the car might have been all the rage back then huh? Yes it is lovely that mum and dad are still in the same house 🙂 Love linking up! Thanks for hosting! xo


  2. Such a cute photo! It’s a shame we don’t remember anything about being a baby or toddler, isn’t it? How lovely that your parents are still together after all these years and still live in the same house. I thought I was the only one who had parents like that lol


    • Thanks Ness! Yes it would be interesting to have memories from when we are babies. Imagine the conversations between our parents we would have overheard! lol The furtherest back memories I have is from when I was at kindy. I think it’s fantastic and special that my parents are (1) still together and (2) still in the family home. So glad you have that too! xo