365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 182

365 Grateful - Day 182

I’m grateful for community art groups who collaborate, have visions, and create thought-provoking artworks to suit the environment on which they stand.

The photograph above is part of ‘The Mudflat Sculpture’ constructed in the early 1990’s at Lota Camping Reserve, Lota.  Lota is a nearby suburb to me.

The Mudflat Arts Group were responsible for the planning and guidance of the construction.  Community consultation workshops were carried out at the Lota PCYC before the construction of the sculpture began.

The display depicts the Lota foreshore made up of jetties, moorings, boats, wildlife, and mangroves all related to Moreton Bay.

When completed, with funds provided jointly by the Queensland Arts Council and the Brisbane City Council, the initial public opinion was somewhat negative and the project was considered a waste of public resources.

Today, the sculpture is seen in a much more positive light and accepted for its Bayside depiction.

Here is a photo below which shows more of ‘The Mudflat Sculpture’.

365 Grateful - Day 182-2

It certainly is different, but it has grown on me.  I like it!  Do you see the ‘pelican’ in the first photo?

What do you think?