365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 181

365 Grateful - Day 181

I’m grateful that my children (twin boys 20 and daughter nearly 18) are kind-hearted, good and sensible young adults.

I don’t publish current day photographs of my kids on my blog, so chose a photo from some years back to use today.  Why oh why did I not write the date or ages of my children on the back of photographs back then?  Hmmm…at a guess, I think MissM might be around 4 and the boys perhaps around 6.  This was a photograph organised through their school.  I remember it being taken in the school hall.

My children are not perfect.  I do worry about my boys but I can vouch for the fact that boys take considerably longer than girls to mature!  They are both at University but neither have part-time jobs and don’t seem to try too hard to find one!   Should I come down harder on them – insisting they get part-time work?  Neither of them have their driver’s license and don’t seem interested in pursuing that either (that will definitely not help in getting a girlfriend!!).  They did get their Learners and had some lessons with a driving school and some with MrMM but then it fizzled out as they seemed to lose interest.  I guess one good thing is that I don’t have to worry about them driving.  However, they are in the car with their friends driving!  Just quietly, I think they are waiting till they are 25 when the 100 hours of driving is not required (see here) as they don’t like driving lessons with MrMM and I can’t do it (I’m a nervous wreck!).

MissM doesn’t cause me much worry.  She has a boyfriend who I like.  She is smart and organised, though her room is always a pig sty!  She has about 80 hours of driving done so just 20 more to go!  She will have her Provisional licence well before the boys!  She is at University and she has two part-time jobs!

So while there are the odd niggling thing that causes me concern and some late nights out that keep me up pacing until they are home, I am very thankful and grateful that that is all!  My children are not into alcohol or drugs.  They are not abusive or rebellious.  They don’t smoke.  They are kind-hearted and sensible and for that I am very grateful.


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  1. I think there are a lot of parents who would love to have your children or at least have children with the attitudes and behaviours of your children !!
    Have the best day !


  2. Oh wow I relate to so much of this. Mr 19 next month works fulltime in a fast food store after flunking out of his course last year. Grateful he’s working and a productive member of society! (Although, he also seems to have no interest in getting his licence even though he has about 70 hours up – seriously, a couple of professional driving lessons and he’d have it, but noooooooooo. What’s THAT about? I was busting my boiler to get my licence!)

    Miss 16 is in Year 12 and after a bit of a rough time with her last year she seems to have settled down and is even going to church youth group! So I am grateful for that.


    • Hi Janet – seriously don’t understand the boys and their lack of interest in getting their license. My boys had nowhere near 70 hrs up – probably more like 10-15! Glad to hear things are settling down and sorting themselves out with your two 🙂


  3. I only started working when I decided that Uni wasn’t for me and I had no choice but to find work. It sounds like you’re Doug a great job and they are good kids, not having a job (but being at uni) and no licence are definitely good things to worry about when you consider the alternatives they could be worrying you with! Xxx


  4. Lots of kids aren’t in a hurry these days to get their license. I so wanted mine as soon as I could. My eldest daughter Jordan who is 18 and at uni wrote her car off the other day after an incident with a kangaroo, a tree and a fence. Never nice to get that call! Maybe tell them to stick to the bus!

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member


    • Hi Annaleis, OMG that would have been a terrifying phone call to receive! I hope your daughter was not hurt! I like not worrying about my kids driving but they still get in the car with their friends who have new P’s which is still a worry. They do use public transport alot to get to uni 🙂


  5. Oh god Min, what state will I be in when my four get older…. I can just picture it now. It involves lots of glasses of wine!! Your kids were so cute. What a gorgeous photo. Sounds like they are all lovely people. Well done xxxxxx


    • Thanks Leigh! LOL – hope I didn’t freak you out too much! Wine IS my friend I gotta say! These years are hard for mum’s. The letting go thing..the trying not to worry too much thing..*sigh* xxoo