Every house with adolescents needs a baby gate…right?

MrMM spent a lot of time on eBay yesterday.  He was bidding on a baby gate!  Not just any baby gate … but a baby gate that can extend and has additional extensions!  The Rolls Royce of baby gates!  He sat at the computer poised for bidding as the close time was imminent…..and he won!  Woohoo….the Rolls Royce of baby gates was won for $40!  Talk about a bargain!  What was also great was that the gate was in Brisbane, about a 45 minute drive away – so it was collected yesterday afternoon.

Why would we want a baby gate?  We don’t have babies!  We have a nearly 18-year-old girl and twin boys who will be 21 in November!  It’s way too early to be thinking about grandchildren!  The next couple of photographs might give you an idea of why we needed a baby gate 😉

The Rolls Royce of Baby Gates

Baby Gate 1

Oh look…Puppy Ava can’t get into the loungeroom!

Baby Gate 2

Yep, you guessed it!  We got the baby gate to keep little Miss Ava out of the loungeroom.  You see, as a tinier puppy she had a few wee wee accidents (and some of the other!) in there and now the scent is in there and she thinks it is ok to use the loungeroom carpet as her lavatory!   Though we have cleaned up each and every accident, the carpet is covered in stains/marks and to the dog’s nose – the scent that gives the ok to wee there!!

I took a photo of just one area of stains but it didn’t show up too well in the photo, so I have darkened the photo (the carpet is not really this dark) so that you can see it better.

Carpet Stain

I have raided the linen cupboard to find an old rug type thing to lay down over the carpet and cover many but not all of the stains (see that striped number that totally does not go with the decor in there).

The next step in our plan is to buy (yep buy) a carpet shampooer.  This one has been ordered!  We figure it will be handy to have one on hand.  This is when adolescents DO come into the equation!  You should see the carpet in their rooms!

You may  notice that the loungeroom is open on the other side and wonder how I keep Miss Ava from getting into the loungeroom from the other side?  Well the good thing about this house is that it is designed so that areas can be shut off.  We have recessed sliding doors that shut off the front area of the house.  So, as long as the sliding door to the front entry area is shut we are home and hosed!

We are very lucky that most of our house is tiled.  The only carpeted areas are the bedrooms and the loungeroom.  I actually don’t like the carpet in this house.  It was here when we bought the house.  One day I plan to replace it.  In the meantime, here’s hoping the carpet shampooer does its job well, and thank goodness for bargain eBay baby gates!!


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  1. HILARIOUS photo of the wee stains. I kind of wish we could keep our gates up forever although the 3 year old has worked them out the little devil…


    • Thanks Sarah – yes a bit brave of me to post the wee stain photo! LOL I remember when our kids worked out how to get over the gates too – buggar! lol