365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 178

365 Grateful - Day 178

It’s another nature photo today.  I spent some time today watering the plants out on and near the front patio and out in the back pergola area.  They had been neglected and were showing signs of distress (oops!).  You know when you have a lot of rainy weather you think the plants are getting plenty of water but actually the plants under cover are not!  Doh!  I actually love watering plants.  I find it very calming, peaceful, and therapeutic so I don’t know why I hadn’t done it for a while.

Anyway, today when I was hosing the plants on the front patio and in the garden near the front patio, I couldn’t help but notice all the pretty red berries that are on the Lilly Pilly out there.  They look gorgeous!  These are the sort of things that make me smile and feel good.  Nature does that for me.  So, of course after watering I ran inside to grab my camera.

I was wondering about the Lilly Pilly berries as to whether they are poisonous or edible.  I did a little search and found some berries that look just like the ones in todays photo.  You can make Lilly Pilly jam out of them!  True!  See here.

I’m grateful for the peacefulness of watering plants and the discovery of pretty berries on my Lilly Pilly today.