365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 177

365 Grateful - Day 177

Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely day today over at my parents house with family for Easter Sunday lunch.  I forgot to take my camera and though I had my phone, was too busy chatting to remember to take photo’s.  That was until a cockatoo landed on the branch of the big leopard tree outside the family room window where we were all sitting.  He sat there for quite a while and we were all in awe of how beautiful he (or she?!!) was.  The photo today is not a brilliant one unfortunately but a quick snap from my phone through the flyscreen of the window.   What was really strange was that when we were driving home we saw cockatoo’s absolutely everywhere!!  Maybe Easter is the time of year for Cockatoo spotting in Brisbane?!

I’m grateful for a lovely Easter Sunday spent with family and the surprise visit by a cockatoo.




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