365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 175

365 Grateful - Day 175

My grateful photo’s often are of things in nature.  As I’ve got older, I notice nature more.  Nature is beautiful, soothing and actually quite therapeutic!  It makes me happy.  I see amazing things that when I was younger would never have been noticed.  Some are typically beautiful (like flowers).  Some not so typically beautiful, but still I am amazed at the strength and resilience I see in nature.  Today, as I went to get the clothes off the line, my lavender plant caught my eye.  It is in a herb garden which is up against the garden shed.  The lavender flowers are just beautiful.  The colour is such a soothing, calm colour is it not?  The garden shed is a tad boring, so I jazzed up the photo with a bit of a bokeh effect.

Today I’m grateful for the moment during a mundane household task when my eye caught my lavender plant and the smile and sense of calm that came over me as a result.


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  1. Beautiful Min. I haven’t had much luck growing lavender here. Not sure if I’m buying the wrong type or it’s in the wrong place – my current plant has gone all woody and half dead looking and has never flowered! 😦


    • Thanks Janet. It’s just a fluke that mine is doing well. It’s in a pot and I don’t give it all that much attention. It must just like it where it is! 🙂