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365 Grateful – Day 174

365 Grateful - Day 174

I’m grateful Ava’s operation went well and so happy to have her back home again!

Today, Ava (6 months) went to the vet for an operation.  She was desexed and had a small umbilical hernia fixed up.  She was dropped at the vets at 7am and we finally got her home around 5pm.  I knew I would be a little anxious and worried, so I kept busy all day.

The operation went very well and so far since we’ve got her home she seems pretty good!  *touch wood*  She had a big long sleep on the rug in the family room (as per today’s photo) and has only just woken up.  Look at that poor shaved and bare little tummy!  So good to have her home with us again.  Wish us luck for tonight!


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    • Thanks Francesca! We’ve been very lucky. She was a good girl last night and she seems like normal today which is great but we’ve still not allowed to let her run or jump for 10 days! A hard task! 🙂