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Hi there!  I know that I said I would be on a break until Thursday 21 March but there was something that needed to be done before that time so I am popping in for a coffee and chat a little earlier than planned.

You will notice that the post I published last week has been deleted.  I have thought it over for several days and though I am all for being honest and open and unpolished, I think it is better done when one is of a clear, rational mind which obviously on that day I was not.  I have felt extremely uncomfortable having that post published on my blog for the past five (5) days.  It felt like a black ugly smear on my blog.  It showed a very unflattering side to me when in a vulnerable moment.  I don’t want it to keep coming back to haunt me.  Of course, many people have already read it and I can’t change that but it sure feels good to get it off my blog so I know I have done the right thing for me.

What kept me from deleting it sooner was all your lovely comments.  It didn’t feel right to delete them along with my post, but ultimately I had to.   I hope you can understand.  It’s ok though – I still have all your comments.  Rather than reply to them on the blog post, I will reply to each of them privately by Facebook message or email.

Interestingly, that post on Wednesday 13 March received 223 views (and more on subsequent days) which is a lot for my blog. Normally these stats would be exciting but on this occasion for me it was cringe worthy.  This amount of views in a day on my blog has only been topped by only one other post which was published on 6 October 2012 – ‘A Grandfathers Last Letter to his kids’ which sadly I didn’t even write! Lol  It received 264 views on that one day.

So how am I feeling now?  Much better.  How have I found the break from blogging?  Much needed.  Am I ready to return to blogging?  Not quite yet.  Rather than put a date on my return, I have decided to just leave it open and I will return when it feels right with Day 171 of my 365 Grateful Project.  I don’t think it will be very far away.  I want to put last week behind me, leave it there and move forward.

So – what have I missed in the time I’ve been away so far?

  • My blog is one of the nominated blogs in the Kidspot Voices of 2013 which is quite incredible!  In such great company with an absolutely amazing assortment of blogs, I am not expecting to go further but am very honoured to have been nominated.
  • It was anti-bullying day, or National Day for Action Against Bullying and Violence on Friday 15 March.  This is something I am very passionate about!

My blog will be six months old tomorrow – 19 March 2013.  When I return to blogging, I might do a post on what I have learnt in those six months.  I have learnt quite a bit but there is still much, much more to learn.

So I will end this post here and now go off and start replying to all your lovely comments.

Back again soon!



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  1. Glad you are looking after you hon.
    It is your space here and you should come and go as You please…..we will still be here wishing you all the best always.
    Big warm hugs.Xx


  2. Congrats on nomination – and I probably would have done the same, eg removed a post I felt that didn’t accurately reflect who I was most of the time. Hugs Min and look forward to more soon x Em