365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 168

365 Grateful - Day 168

Yesterday I washed the strange little curtain thingy that drapes around some hooks above the study window.  It was in the house when we bought it.  It looks nice enough but the fabric is not really to my taste, but I’m leaving it there for now.

Today I cleaned the study window and the blind.  I then re-hung the freshly washed and clean curtain and put up my new ‘Lucky Lanterns – Woodlands‘ that I bought from Typo.

Then came the pivotal moment – I plugged them in …. and …. nothing!  They don’t work!  If you have these lanterns and know of a secret switch I’m supposed to turn on or a little trick to make them light up – please do let me know!

Anyway, in the meantime …. they do look pretty!

365 Grateful - Day 168-2

I’m grateful that my pretty ‘lucky lanterns’ are up in my study turned blogging space but would be even more grateful if they would light up!