365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 167

365 Grateful - Day 167

I’ve started sorting through all the accumulated stuff in the ‘study’ area today.  I have plans of converting it into my blogging space.  It once used to be the hub for all the family to use.  We used to just have the one computer, but the kids all have a laptop each now.  I want to put more of my stamp on the space and redecorate in a style that reflects me and make it an inspirational space for me to work.  Just wish hubby would get his own computer or better yet, he can have this one and I’ll get a new one! 😉

I was about to pull off the Ikat table runner that sits on top of the computer desk for a wash when my eye caught the sculpture you see photographed.  I was filled with memories and tears sprung to my eyes.  I love this piece so much!

You see, Twin2 made that for me for Mothers Day back when he was in Year 8.  He would have been 12 or 13 (he is now 20).  It touched me so much that he had made something so beautiful for me with his own hands.  Notice the heart-shaped hole in the chest representing the heart.  Also see how the hands are clasped together leaving a heart-shaped space.  He told me it represents a mother’s selfless love for her children but that this particular sculpture was representing me – his mother.  I remember fighting back tears when he gave this to me.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and love.

It is particularly special because though Twin1 is very affectionate and talkative with me, Twin2 is the opposite.  He is a quiet boy/man, very reserved, embarrassed at showing affection.   I only have to look at this sculpture and know that though Twin2 may not say it, he loves me…his mother.

I’m grateful for the beautiful sculpture given to me by Twin2 years ago – a touching and reassuring representation of his love for me.


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  1. It is one of the most beautiful gifts a child could give to their mama.Even more so knowing it was made by their own hands.
    So precious.Thankyou for sharing it.xx