365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 166

365 Grateful - Day 166

I’m grateful for some time with my daughter today and for some purchases that have cheered me up.

If you read yesterday’s grateful post, you would know that I needed some cheering up.  Today, I took my daughter on a shopping trip to our nearby big shopping centre as there were things she needed.  While we were there, we split up for a while so that she could do her thing and I could do mine.

As well as buying a present for my niece who has had a beautiful baby girl, I did get a few things for myself.

I had a Myer voucher that was given to me as a Christmas present that had not yet been spent.  I also had a $20 Myer One gift card, so I headed to Myers first.  I bought a gorgeous Country Road ‘Ink Print Smock’ top – that green and black top you see in the photograph.  It is MUCH nicer than it looks in the photograph and much nicer on than hanging on a hanger.  I love the fringe trims and this top will be perfect for the autumn and warmer winter months.  Here is a closer picture that shows the fringe trim a little better.

365 Grateful - Day 166a

I also went to Typo.  There are some things there that I have wanted for my planned redecoration of the current ‘study’ area into my ‘blogging’ space.

On the left of the photo you can see:

In front of the top I bought, you can see the letter M (the first letter of my name of course!).  You can display it with the newspaper side as you see in the photo or the reverse side is black.

On the right of the photo is something I just had to have!!

And then there is the beautiful Lucky Lanterns – Woodlands to add some ‘pretty’ and ‘happy’ to my space.  I plan to drape them around the window where I sit at the computer.

There is much more that I like at Typo – some of which I might get in the future but some of it I look at and I really think I could create just the same myself.

After my daughter and I had done the shopping we needed to do, we sat and had lunch together and then headed home.

Anyway – I’m feeling much better today than I did yesterday and my purchases have inspired me to begin the tidy up and transformation of my blogging space – a little push that was needed!!