365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 165

365 Grateful - Day 165

I want my blog to be a happy place (and I really hope it is!), but I also want it to be real and honest – within reason of course.  With this in mind, I’m not going to pretend today was a wonderful happy day.  It wasn’t.  It still isn’t.  I have struggled today.  I’ve felt alone today in a dark place.

Today, I made the decision that I need to tell a little more of my story on my blog so that my readers better understand me, what I am dealing with every single day, why I began this blog and what I am striving for.  Look out for an upcoming post which I have decided to call ‘Min Unplugged’.  Well that’s my planned name at the moment.  It may change if I get some other brilliant epiphany!   So far that post is just a bunch of words rattling around in my head.  It is going to take me quite some time to write it, because I have to be careful about what I say and because it is going to be very draining and difficult to write.

So on to today’s photograph.  I chose to photograph this shot because of what in my mind it represents.  The dark around the edges is me looking out from my dark place.  All that green in the background is the whirlwind of life – responsibilities, hurts, worries, people, noise and so on.  The brilliance of colour in the plant in the foreground – that represents my hope, my lifeline and my anchor.

I’m grateful that even on the darkest of days, I find my colour anchor.


Today I’m linking up with Six by the Bay’s Thankful Thursday


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  1. So sorry you have had a difficult time hon.
    That dark place…I understand.
    I hope that by writing,you find a bright place that brings with it all the colours that you need.
    In the meantime I will be here with open arms,thinking of you.So please know you are not alone.
    Big hugs.Xx


  2. Oh Min, I truly feel for you. I am in much the same place. Some days I describe as “trying”. As in trying to be positive and bright and cheerful and funny, but not really feeling it. You know what though, true strength is finding gratitude, and something bright even in the darkest of days – which you have done.

    Much love,
    Meg xo


    • Thank you so much Meg. I always do try. Yesterday was the hardest day in a long time but I still found something to be grateful for. I’m feeling in a better place today 🙂 (BTW – so sorry – your comment went into Spam so I’ve only just seen it – how weird?!). Min xo


    • Thanks Leigh! Blogs are a funny thing. I’m still trying to sort out how much is ok to say/talk about on here. I’m also very conscious that there are people in my real life that read this…as well as complete strangers. You know? In saying that though, the blogs that I most enjoy are the ones of those who are very, very real and raw and so brave to be so. xo


  3. I hope today sees you in a better place. I think we could all do with being a little more honest sometimes!!


    • Thanks Anne, it was hard to admit what I did yesterday…and I’ve worried about it since. That’s me – miss worrier! I am in a better place today. Thankyou! xo