365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 164

365 Grateful - Day 164

I’m very grateful for wine!  I don’t drink it on a regular basis, but when I do …  I love the taste, particularly but not exclusively Sauvignon Blanc, and it mellows and relaxes me.  I adore a glass of wine with a meal!

The photograph today is of some bottles of wine in a little wine rack we have here at home.

Our Little Secret:  The taking of this photograph today forced me to do a little cleaning!!

My Challenge to You:  If I get 10 likes and 10 comments on this post, I will reveal the mortifying FIRST photograph that I took of the wine in this wine rack by updating this post with the additional photograph!!



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    • Thanks Rita! My camera picks up EVERY detail which was not a good thing in my first photo! It would be mortifying to publish it but I would! Not sure if you’ll get to see it though, as the likelihood of 10 likes and 10 comments is very slim I think. BTW – the 10 comments does not include any comments by me! 😉