365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 163

365 Grateful - Day 163

I’m grateful for a day at home alone (apart from my two dogs!) so that I could concentrate and focus on my first attempt at re-igniting my creative side!

I’m working with ink and soft pastels.  I’m very rusty, but the longer I work at it, the more I can feel the creative me starting to come back.  I can see that the work I did when I first started the piece is not as good as what I have done later in the day, so I am improving as I get the feel of it again.  It will take more time to find my arty mojo but at least I have made a start!

I had trouble thinking of what to draw so have drawn on a couple of things I have seen before.  So, though the piece is not entirely original, it is a mixture of a couple of things I have seen about and completely out of my own head (in other words, I am not copying off any image).  It’s a good starting point … to get those creative juices flowing again!

Soft pastels are so messy!!  I have a bit of a clean up ahead of me!





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    • Hi Vicky – yes it does feel good to feed my creativity! It’s been a long time! I’m very rusty! No masterpiece today that for sure but good to start at it again. Feeling better now – thankyou. Wog all gone and hope it stays that way! xo


      • I’m going to get a visual art diary to tomorrow from work (I work in an art/craft supply shop) and do something creative at least for 15 mins a day.


      • What a handy place to work Vicki!! Great idea to do something creative every day. Not sure I could stick to the 15 minutes though…I get so immersed – can’t drag myself away! lol