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I chose this quote for today’s ‘Mindful Monday’ because it has simple but very strong words that are great words to live by.

I’ll break it down and give my thoughts on each word and how I think I’m going with some of them:

Be Kind – I think everyone could keep working on this one.  Everyone could be a little kinder.  I think overall, I am a kind person but I could always be kinder more consistently and consciously.  What you give out generally comes back to you!

Work Hard – I’ve worked hard for many, many years juggling full-time work in the corporate world with motherhood and being a wife.  Now, I’m working hard in a different way.  No need for me to explain.  If you read my blog, you’ll know what I’m all about these days.  Working hard means having a purpose, a passion and goals – keeping your mind and/or hands busy.  In the majority of cases, working hard usually comes with an income to support the family – hopefully!  I say ‘majority of cases’ because working hard can also be applied to hobbies, passions or charities outside of income providing work and not forgetting of course all those stay at home mums or dads – the hardest (though rewarding) 24/7 work of all!  What defines hard work differs for every person.  Every person has different abilities, interests, passions and strengths.  Along with working hard comes a sense of achievement, accomplishment, pride and self-esteem, which is a wonderful, wonderful feeling to have.

Stay Humble – To me this means:  Don’t get too big for your boots.  Don’t boast or brag.  Don’t compare yourself to others and think you are better.  It’s about being respectful.  We are all human beings on our own individual life journeys.

Smile Often – I must say that I admire people who smile a lot!  People who smile a lot are attractive and nice to be around.  Some people are blessed with beautiful big smiles that just come naturally.  I know that I could smile a lot more!  I did a little google research on the benefits of smiling.  Here is what I found.  Smiling: (1) makes us attractive (2) changes our mood for the better (3) is contagious (4) relieves stress (5) boosts your immune system (6) lowers your blood pressure (7) lifts the face and makes you look younger (8) Releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and Serotonin (9) makes you seem more successful and confident (10) helps you stay more positive.  Read more about these reasons to smile here.

Stay Loyal –  The dictionary gives the following definition for the word ‘loyal’: Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.  I would have to say I am a very loyal person.   I am loyal to my friends.  I have always been loyal to my places of work.  Now I am being loyal to myself.  Being loyal is a good thing … but be wise in who and what you choose to be loyal to!

Keep Honest –  To me this means – don’t be one of those people who gets caught up in a web of lies!  Don’t be deceitful.  Be sincere.  Be truthful.  Being honest is a far more relaxing way to live than having to second guess everything you say because you’ve weaved yourself a web of lies!!  I’m doing pretty well with this one.  I couldn’t lie to save myself!

Travel When Possible – I haven’t travelled much but I think the benefits of travelling when possible would be: (1) the chance to disconnect from your regular life (2) hopefully along with the travel is the chance for some relaxation (3) increased knowledge and perspective (4) new experiences which could increase your resourcefulness (5) new memories created (6) meeting new people (7) better understanding of other cultures (8) depending on who you travel with – it could be a great thing to improve relationships – away from the normal everyday stressors of life.  I really hope to travel more one day soon!!

Never Stop Learning –  I love to learn! Continual lifelong learning is important to keep your mind active!  It also increases your knowledge, your empathy for others, your resourcefulness, your ability to improve on natural strengths or strengthen your knowledge in areas of interest, to make new friends and relationships, and enriches our lives giving a sense of self-fulfillment.

Be Thankful Always –  It is so important to be grateful and thankful for all that we have.  It grounds you.  Learn to have an attitude of gratitude and to practice mindfulness (live and be present in the moment).  Learn to have the ‘glass half full’ attitude rather than the ‘glass half empty’ attitude.  To live this way really opens your eyes.  You start to notice more because you are looking!  The more you learn to live this way, the more you find to be thankful and grateful for.  This is a journey I am on by doing my 365 Grateful Project … and it is working! 

Love – What’s that saying…’love makes the world go round’.  To live with love is good for your heart, your mind and your health!  Love comes in many different forms – the love of your parents, the love of your partner, the love of your children, the love of your siblings, the love of your relatives, the love of your friends and the love of your pets.  Make sure there is love and hugs in your life.  Learn how to show your love.

Those are my thoughts but of course those words above will mean something different to everyone.  Regardless, I think all those words are great words to live by.  Don’t you?


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