365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 161

Today, there is more than one thing for which I am grateful.

365 Grateful - Day 161-1

Today is my dog Chelsea’s 13th birthday.  She is a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  13 in dog years is equivalent to 91 in human years!

365 Grateful - Day 161-2

On 26 February it was my youngest sister’s birthday.  Today, she, another sister, my mother, a cousin and I went out to lunch at Libertine Bar and Restaurant to celebrate her birthday.  I was too busy eating and talking to take too many photo’s but above are a few snaps I took with my phone.  Bottom right is my entrée – yummo!  There are beautiful chandeliers and light shades everywhere.  The decor is beautiful!  The service was excellent and food was delicious!  If you live in Brisbane and haven’t been there before, I highly recommend it!

365 Grateful - Day 161-3

After lunch we went back to the birthday girl’s inner Brisbane apartment for coffee and cake and for the opening of her birthday presents.  Again, I was too busy talking to take too many photo’s.  I also have a family who don’t want their faces on the internet which I completely understand and respect – so no happy faces snaps.  Instead I snapped a few things that I adore around my sister’s apartment (though there is much more!) – the lamp on the left, the old blue trolley that my sister has her herbs on, the gorgeous timber doorway with leadlighting that leads to her balcony … and she has a spectacular view!  My sister has completely renovated her apartment and it just beautiful!

Today, I’m grateful that my dog Chelsea is here with me to celebrate her 13th birthday, and I’m grateful for a lovely day out with my mother, sisters and cousin to celebrate my sister’s birthday!