Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: MissM and I – Circa 1997

Min and MissM - circa 1997

I have this photograph in a frame in my bedroom.  It is a colour photograph but I changed it to black and white for this post as it is not a good quality photograph.  It was taken on a cheap camera – in the days before digital cameras.  I am not sure, but I am guessing MissM is around 2 years of age (maybe a little older??) in this photo and so that would make this photograph circa 1997.  I was a young thing in my early 30’s.  Our eyes look a bit funny – that was my attempt at fixing the red-eyes!

Regardless of it not being the quality of photograph I would expect today, I love this photo.  These are the memories that it stirs in me:

  • How when your children are little, they think you are the wisest, bestest, smartest person in the whole wide world who knows and can fix and can do everything and anything!
  • How when your children are little, they mimic what you do (just look at those matching poses)!
  • The joy of having a little girl after having two little boys:  dresses, pink, hair baubles, fairy wings, dolls etc (before I get any comments about how wonderful boys are too…I agree!!  I love all my children equally!!)
  • The days of being a stay at home mum: play group, kindy, meeting new friends through my children, craving adult company and conversation, being so very tired all the time, being in awe of these beautiful children my husband and I had created, loving watching them grow and learn, hanging out for when my husband got home from work!
  • When I had short hair.  Dare I do that again some day?  I am thinking of changing my hair.  I am bored with its current style.  I want to go darker and shorter….but hmmm…not as short as in this photo.

That little girl will be 18 in May 2013.  Here’s a little about her:

  • She is now a University student studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama).
  • She is performing in a children’s production at a community theatre every weekend until the end of March (performances started early February).
  • She started a part-time job yesterday.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • She is very smart and talented.
  • She is a sensible girl.
  • I couldn’t be more proud of her!
  • After years and years of going to school where school shoes were worn every day and the need for a variety of comfy shoes was not so great, now that she is a University student we realise she needs new shoes and so we are off shopping today to find some for her!


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  1. Oh, I love this post! What precious memories. I don’t know what quality the original photo was but you’ve done a brilliant job with this black and white version. The eyes don’t look funny at all! I think it’s a really beautiful photo. Thanks for linking up!


    • Thanks Cathy! I actually like the photo better in B&W than in colour…but I still think our eyes look funny! I always have problems trying to fix red-eye. Need more practice with it I think! lol xo


  2. Oh what a gorgeous photo, Min! I am certainly soaking up all my little fun moments with my 3 year olds as I know one day (before I know it), I’ll be looking back with fond memories like you are.
    Your daughter sounds like she’s growing up to be a confident, beautiful young lady!
    Well done!


    • Thanks Grace – yes before you know it, you will be like me looking back with fond memories and feeling a little sad that they are little no longer. Keep on soaking it all up and I know you take lots of beautiful photographs of your gorgeous boys. You will be so glad you did later. My daughter has grown up to be a sensible, confident young lady. I am very proud of her, thankyou! xo


  3. What a beautiful photo and post. I cannot believe how quickly the time goes either….my daughter is 42 this year..and a mum of 16, nearly 14, 12 year old and her ‘surprise’ baby of 10 months.. How did that time pass…. Enjoy the memories and may I also congratulate your daughter too. Denyse


    • Thanks so much Denyse! I know – the time goes far too quickly and seems to speed up as you get older. Where is the pause button?? It must be lovely having grandkids. I’m looking forward to that one day. Not quite ready for it yet! LOL Thank you again…Min xo


  4. I love this photo, and what a beautiful post. Older photos of my boys bring out the “sook” in me.
    Your daughter seems to have her life on track, good on her and I wish her the very best in life. xx
    PS….hope you managed to buy lots of goodies on your shopping trip


    • Thanks Beck! You are not the only sook. I get teary every time I look at photo’s of when my kids were little. I was always so tired and busy and I wonder if I appreciated and soaked it up enough at the time. I miss the snuggles and bedtime stories and all those things. No stopping time marching on though and they are still here and still lovely – just much bigger 🙂 … and yes we got some goodies – 2 pairs of sandles and a pair of flats for MissM + some sneaky black clothes for her new job. Also managed to get myself a pair of shoes which made my grateful photo for today 😉 Min xo


  5. This is such a nice post Min! I know you love all your children equally but I can feel when you mention your daughter in your posts that you have this special relation with her only a mother and a daughter can have. I think it’s just beautiful!


    • Thanks Rita! Yes I do love all my children equally but you are right … the mother/daughter relationship is a different kind of relationship to the mother/son relationship. Love them all though 🙂 xo