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365 Grateful – Day 159

365 Grateful - Day 159

365 Grateful - Day 159a

Today I took my daughter shoe shopping.  Now that she is no longer a school girl who wears school shoes five days of the week, we’ve realised that as a University student she needed more shoes!  We didn’t have long as she had to get to work, so we went local.  She got a pair of flats and two pairs of sandles.  She also got some sneaky clothing items in black – the colour she is required to wear to her new job.  We’ll get some more winter shoe options when she and I are free long enough to go to our nearby large shopping centre where there are far more shops and options available.

The shoes you see pictured today however, are not hers!  They are mine!  Yes – I scored a new pair of runabout shoes for myself.  These shoes will be used a lot – for running to the shops, meeting friends for coffee and so on.  They will go with everything and are very comfortable.  I got them from our local Rivers Clearance Store at a very pleasing and cheap cost.  As a vertically challenged person (haha) I like to have a bit of a heel but I also like to be comfortable.  These are perfect for what I was looking for.

I’m grateful for the surprise purchase of some very handy and comfortable runabout shoes for myself today!


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  1. Wow, I ADORE those shoes!!!!! They are just what I look for too – something comfortable, yet stylish. Although I’m a tall person (175cm), I don’t feel comfortable in flat shoes. I like a bit of a heel :D. Hugs xo


    • Thanks Meg! Glad you like them! I was worried at first that they might be a bit mumsy but my daughter says she loves them and she would wear them so they must be ok LOL They are so comfy – very handy addition to my wardrobe which I really needed! BTW – omg you are SO much taller than me 😉 lol … Min xo


  2. Very cute shoes! I’ve picked up some good ones from Rivers in the past year or two, for a very good price 🙂