Month: February 2013

365 Grateful – Day 151

I’m grateful that despite everything, I always have hope! Hope that I can overcome the health problems that plague me and become a healthier and happier person. Hope that I find my true calling and can pursue it with passion and pleasure and make it my new career.  […]

365 Grateful – Day 150

I’m grateful for beautiful, vibrant colours on a dreary rainy day! It’s still raining in Brisbane.  It’s been a dreary day and though I hate to admit it, I’ve been in a matching dreary mood.  I vowed to always be honest and true on my blog and so […]

365 Grateful – Day 149

Last week my daughter (MissM) had an interview at a local coffee/cake shop for a casual part-time job.  Today she went off for a 2 hour trial.  Tomorrow she hears whether she gets the job or not.  There are at least two of them that got to the […]

The 10 M’s of my life

The lovely Rita from The Crafty Expat put out a challenge to her readers to put up a post with the ten words of their life starting by the first letter of their first name.  See her post here. As my name begins with an M, these are […]

365 Grateful – Day 148

On this rainy Brisbane day I have spent some time in the garage rummaging through the boxes in the cupboards holding some stuff that we have never got around to unpacking since we moved into this house over 5 years ago!  Look at this little treasure I uncovered.  […]

Worry is a misuse of imagination

It’s no secret that I am a worrier.  I wasn’t always but certainly am now.  Most of my worries are conjured up possible happenings at the hands of my wild imagination and they never eventuate….thankfully!  Most (not all) of my worries relate to the safety of my children […]

365 Grateful – Day 147

This afternoon after feeding Ava her dinner, I took her outside to do her business.  She did that and then was wandering up the side of the house, so I followed.  What I found when I wandered up the side of our house upset me.  I discovered that […]

365 Grateful – Day 146

If you’ve read the post I published earlier today – ‘Welcome Home Mum‘ – you’d understand why I’ve struggled a little today to come up with a grateful photo.  I left it quite late to think about it.  I had to dig deep.  What is there that is […]

Welcome Home Mum!

I am home from our holiday at Caloundra and back to proper internet access!   This morning as I’ve been wandering around doing stuff, I found myself mentally writing a blog post (do other bloggers do that?) so why not actually WRITE a blog post and get it all […]

365 Grateful – Day 145

Holidays are wonderful.  It’s always nice to get away.  We had an enjoyable time.  But … there is no place like home! I’m grateful to be back home! Wet weather has settled in for the weekend up at the Sunshine Coast so we decided to come home today […]