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How safe is your mobile phone?

I grew up in the days where there were no mobile phones.   The thought of carrying a phone around with me always never entered my mind.  If I needed to contact someone when I was out, I found a public telephone box.   If I wanted to chat to someone, I phoned them on a landline.  If I wanted to know what the weather would be like, I watched the news on television.  If I was out and saw a lovely photo opportunity and didn’t have my camera – c’est la vie!

What different times we live in now!  I’ve had a few mobile phones over the years, but only got my first ‘smart phone’ in January 2012!  I know!  I was a bit late to join the party!  Since then, a whole new world has opened up to me … and I love it!  I don’t have an iPhone.  I have an Android, a Samsung Galaxy SII in fact.  One day I hope to upgrade!

My phone is always with me.  I like to keep it close for a couple of reasons:

1)      my children can always contact me and I can always contact them;

2)      as a blogger, I like to have it at hand in case a perfect photo opportunity arises.  I absolutely love Instagram!!

Also,  I can check my emails, keep up to date with Facebook, search the internet, get the weather forecast, play games, and much more.

I got my new phone just before we left for a holiday to Bargara (near Bundaberg).  It was at a shop in Bundaberg that I bought a mobile phone case for my new phone.  There weren’t too many options available to me but I wasn’t too concerned at the time.  I just wanted something to protect my new phone.  This is what I’ve been using since I got my phone:



As you can see, it has started to get a bit scruffy looking and I’ve always thought it was too bulky.  It has done its job and looked after my phone, but has it been looking after me?

Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a Pong Smartphone Case.  As my phone has become such an important part of my life and I had never before put much time into researching mobile phone cases, I was definitely interested.  So, I was sent a Pong Smartphone Case suitable to fit my Samsung Galaxy SII phone.  They are also available for iPhones, iPads, and Blackberry’s.

First Impressions

The case arrived beautifully presented in a box with the bonus of a cleaning cloth and a protective cover for the phone.

Pong Box

At first glance, I thought that there wasn’t much to the case, but then after my bulky one as you can see above, that is not surprising!!  I also noticed how lovely and light the case was.

PONG Case 1

PONG Case 2

The Pong case was very easy to put on.  Here it is on my phone:

Phone in Pong Case Front

Phone in Pong Case Back

Look how much slimmer it is compared to my old phone case!  Much slimmer than the photo’s depict.  It is now in fact 1/2 the depth in size as it was in my old case.

Pong - Slim

Above: Pong case on my phone


Above:  My old mobile phone case

Once it was on my phone, I was impressed with the lovely slimline look of my phone.  I also quite like the leather look of the cover.  The cases come in a variety of different looks and colours.  I think I was sent the ‘Black Leather Touch Pong Case’ though out in daylight it looks more of a dark chocolate-brown to me.  This style also comes in Cranberry Red and Cobalt Blue.  There are other styles that come in a variety of on-trend colours including black, red, deep purple, light blue, pink and neon green colours.

Benefits of the Pong Smartphone Cases

The information I have read on the ‘benefits’ of the Pong cases has really got me thinking!!  In addition to the durable Lexan cover giving protection to your phone, these cases:

1)      reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation

2)      conserve your phone’s battery life, and

3)      optimize your phone’s signal strength!

It had never occurred to me that there were cases out there that could do these things!!

There is a Pong Research Corporation based in Delaware, USA , founded in 1998 by a team of scientists with unique expertise in varying fields.  Among their discoveries, these scientists gained an understanding of how to redirect radiation through the use of electromagnetic fields.  This discovery has been invested into the research, development and production of safe and effective radiation redirecting mobile device cases.

It makes me feel good to know that there are people out there investing their time, money and resources into this research and applying it to the production of safer mobile phone cases.  You see so much on television about brain damage caused by the use of mobile phones, particularly to our youth who have mobile phones up to their ears/heads listening to music and chatting to friends.

Did you know that over 50% of the radiation emitted by mobile phones can be absorbed into the head and body?  In fact, the World Health Organisation International Agency for Research on Cancer has described increased levels of electromagnetic radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen!

Overall, Pong’s advanced technology improves a smartphone’s performance and protects its users.

How I have found the Pong Smartphone Case?

I’ve had the Pong Smartphone Case on my phone for over a week now.  Here are my impressions:

  • I love how slimline it is.  It doesn’t take up as much room as my previous mobile phone cover which makes it a lot more convenient for stashing away in a variety of different sized handbags or even slipping into my pocket!
  • The case is very light.  Anything that helps lighten the weight of my handbag gets a big tick from me!
  • My phone produces A LOT of heat.  Usually by the end of the day, I can barely bare to touch it as it gets so hot.  Since I have had this case on it – the heat produced by my phone has been greatly reduced!
  • I cannot feel that I am absorbing less radiation but it sure does feel good knowing that with this case on my phone..I am!
  • The only whine I could have is that there is less colour and style choices for the Samsung phones.  The iPhones get many more style choices and all the lovely bright colour choices. The style and colour options available for Samsung phones are much less than those offered for iPhones.
  • Overall though, I am very impressed with the Pong Smartphone Cases and applaud the Pong Research team for the wonderful work they are doing to make our modern-day mobile phone obsession a safer one!

If you would like to learn more about Pong Smartphone and iPad Cases, or would like to purchase one, here’s where you can go:

Pong Smartphone and iPad cases are also available in retail at your local Platinum Communications Kiosk in Westfield Shopping Centres Australia-wide – RRP from $49.99.

Disclaimer:  I was gifted a Pong Smartphone Case with the purpose of doing a review.  I received no payment and all opinions within this post are my own.


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  1. SNAP! I got my first smart phone in Jan 2012 as well! Lost it in September – got an iphone in November. Two months without nearly killed me!


  2. I got my smart phone at the end of November 2011 so just a little bit before you. Before, I had just a normal mobile phone.
    but, I remember those days where I had to find a public telephone box to call my parents when I was at college and Uni!
    Great review Min!


    • Hi – thanks for your comment! The phone case comes with a complimentary anti-scratch clear stickie (as you call it). You can see it on the right in the 3rd photograph from the top of my post. Also the phone case rises higher than the front face of the phone on both sides and around the corners top & bottom, so should the phone be dropped face down – the front of the phone would not take the impact – the sides of the case would. Hope this answers your question! xo


  3. Thanks Grace – these are definitely worth considering. As I’ve learnt – there is more to phone cases than protecting your phone. You also need to consider protecting yourself!


  4. I have been meaning to get a cover for a while, just haven’t been bothered as yet. I do like the idea of a reduction in heat though, that may just get me over the line 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now


  5. Always good to read a review on products like this – you never know when you will need something similar. Thanks for this.
    Have a great weekend !
    #IBOT visitor