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365 Grateful – Day 156

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There are few things that give me greater pleasure than a beautiful china tea-cup, saucer and plate set.

It’s still raining here in Brisbane.  It wasn’t long ago we were whingeing about how dry it was.  Now it is the opposite – day after day of rain, soaked lawns and gardens, moisture and humidity in our homes causing mould, kids to get to school and university in these wet and dangerous conditions, and worrying flooding in some areas.  My heart and thoughts goes out to those people adversely affected by the weather we have been having.  We will all be happy to the see the sun again!

Today, on another dreary rainy day, I looked for something to cheer me up.  In my china cabinet this beautiful tea-cup, saucer and plate set practically spoke to me “pick me, pick me”!  And so I did.  I took it outside to photograph as the light is starting to fade from the day.  After photographing (though I should have done it before), I gave the set a wash and rinse and then had a lovely cup of tea from it … and now I am making it my grateful post for today.

I bought this set from a market some years ago.  It jumped out at me.  It is so beautiful.  I love the gorgeous rich colours edged in gold.  Just looking at it makes me happy.

I’m grateful for beautiful things that make me happy just looking at them!


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  1. I absolutely adore vintage china :-). I have all my Grandma’s old china. To me it is priceless – memories of cups of tea had sitting at her kitchen table. It really means something to me 🙂 xo


    • Oh Meg – I adore vintage china too! How amazing for you to have all your grandma’s old china! All those beautiful memories every time you look at or use them 🙂 I have an old dinner set from one of my nanna’s. It means alot to me to have it 🙂 xo