Inspirational Quotes

Dreams and Reality


I love this quote because this is what I am aiming to do…’find that place where my dreams and reality collide’ (but without the ‘maybe’).

At the moment, I am investigating what my dreams are and then I WILL make it happen.

By ‘dreams’ I don’t mean things like meeting someone famous or travelling to some exotic country.  Dreams to me is getting in touch with who I am and understanding my gifts, my purpose, and what I need to be doing to be happy.  By happy, I don’t mean surface happy as in something that makes me laugh and gives me a temporary happy  moment.  No, I mean deep fulfilling soul satisfying happiness that radiates from inside to the outside.  To reach this level of happiness is my dream.  Then I will make it a reality by living that way for the rest of my days.

In order to achieve our dreams – you must always have hope, determination and believe.

Do you have a wish for your dreams and reality to collide?