365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 155

365 Grateful - Day 155

I’m grateful for the plastic rain/all-weather blinds that we have out in our pergola area.  They allowed us to still enjoy the outdoors today even though it’s pelting down with rain!

The photograph above is where I spent some of today…with Jamie (refer to this post to know who Jamie is).  It was lovely lying out there reading with the sound of rain all around me.  I managed to stay dry thanks to our ‘all-weather blinds’.  These blinds are fantastic on windy days also.

I had a bit of fun playing around with a variety of overlays and filters with this photograph.  I had never used them before and wanted to know what they did and if I liked them.  I might have gone a bit overboard!!  I think a little more practice and playing around with them is required.  Nevertheless, I decided to use this as the main photo for today because the other photo’s which I took are too similar to previous grateful photo’s that I have used before.

As mentioned above, I have a couple more photo’s for today’s grateful with no filters or overlays.  These are of the rain on the blinds.  See what they keep out!  The rain is torrential here and not always vertical…sometimes coming down horizontally!

365 Grateful - Day 155a

365 Grateful - Day 155b


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    • Hi Meg – yes the weather IS crazy. I like a bit of rain but we’ve had a bit too much lately! My favourite photo is number 3 too…but I didn’t use it for the main photo as I thought it was a bit too similar to the photo I used for Day 124 🙂 xo