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365 Grateful – Day 153

365 Grateful - Day 153

Today, I had thought my grateful photo would be quite different.  You see, I was meant to go to a blogger event.  My.First.One.Ever!  I was looking forward to it.  It was a riverside barbeque organised by Jacqui of b-Brand (who also blogs over at CRAP Mamma) and Lenards Chicken.  Not only was I looking forward to taste testing the Lenards Chicken delights but I was looking forward to meeting some other bloggers.  The weather today was beautiful too!  Unfortunately though, I have been sick.  I haven’t felt well for a few days – have had some headaches and just generally feeling tired and off.  It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that the high temperature came and downhill I went from there.  Regardless, I got up this morning determined to go.  I  dosed up with Panadol, got dressed, did my make-up and eventually fell on the bed in defeat.  I was just too sick.  Hubby had the final decisive word when he said “look at you – don’t be ridiculous – you’re too sick”.  He was right.

So instead, I stayed home in bed and stalked the #lenardsBBQ on Twitter and Instagram.  I had my puppies for company…and Jamie *sigh*.  Jamie is a character in the book you see pictured.  This is the third book in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series and I am loving it.  He is from the 1700’s and is Scottish.  Dinne try to claim Jamie as yours to swoon over.  He is mine!  Aye that be so! (that is me doing a poor job of trying to talk like Jamie does)

I’m  happy to report that after a day in bed (with the puppies and *blush* Jamie haha) and with the help of Panadol, I am feeling much improved tonight.  I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be much better as we have tickets to go and see my daughter perform in the production she is in!

The photograph today is one I tweeted earlier to show whoever was interested my sick-bed companion.  It was taken with my phone and has a filter applied.

I’m grateful to my friend (you know who you are) who recommended the Diana Gabaldon ‘Outlander Series’ to me!  I’m also grateful that I seem to be feeling much better tonight *touch wood*.


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  1. Min, I’m so sorry you couldn’t make it but I’m glad hubs stepped in and made you rest. There will be plenty of other opportunities my love. Glad to hear you’re feeling better xxx

    PS thanks for the mention. Jac xx


    • Oh thanks so much for commening Jacqui. Looking forward to those other opportunities! Still not quite well here. More rest needed I suspect. Re the mention – my pleasure. Well done to you for organising a fabulous event yesterday. Looked like everyone had a great time! Yes – I’ve stalked all the Twitter & IG piccies 😉 xo


    • Thanks Rita – I might have jumped the gun saying I was feeling better. Still not well here today but I’ll live! Oh my goodness – I don’t know how you could you have stopped at book 1 of the series? You must get book 2 and have a read 🙂 xo


  2. Oh you poor thing – nothing worse than missing out on something you were so looking forward to! Never mind I still want to organise a bloggy meetup soon-ish so you can have that to look forward to :-). I’m just trying to see if I can get a bloggy advertiser or PR company to come on board as a sponsor …


    • Hi Janet – yes it was disappointing but I made the right decision. I was too sick to go *sigh*! I’m looking forward to the bloggy meet-up you organise. Good luck getting a sponsor! x