Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Beach holiday from the past

Flashback Friday - Kids at Beach

Today for Flashback Friday – I took pot luck.  I have a cupboard full of the old-style envelopes of photos.  You know – the type you would pick up from the chemist after having had them developed….back in the ‘old’ days!  One day I hope to sort them into some sort of order.

I popped my hand in and grabbed the first one I encountered.  It contained photographs of a beach holiday from when the kids were little.  It’s quite coincidental really, because we’ve just had a beach holiday.  Beach holidays are so different now though then when the kids were little.  The week we had all together up the coast just recently could very well have been our last holiday all together.  You just don’t know.

This photograph must have been taken around 1997.  I’m guessing that MissM is around 2 and the twins around 4.  I’m not certain which beach we were at.

When I look at this photograph, initially I smile because they were so cute and I remember loving watching the fun they had at the beach.  It was all so exciting for them!  Then I get a little sad, because I miss them being little.  When they were little, little things gave them so much delight and they wanted to spend time with mum and they loved my cuddles and kisses.

It’s inevitable that they grow up.  They are at the age now where spending time with mum is not a priority, kisses and cuddles are embarrassing, and playing on the beach does not bring the delight as when they were younger.

To anyone who reads this who has little kids….absorb it, enjoy it, photograph it.  They grow up far too quickly.


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  1. Looking back at photos of my kids when they were little often brings a tear to my eyes to. It seemed much more simple then. I so cherish the memories we made when they were young, and even though we to may never have another holiday as a family of 6. I know that there are plenty more good times and memories to be made xx


    • It does seem like it was so much simpler then doesn’t it. They were innocents, we were their protectors. It’s harder to keep them safe now. I don’t like that part much. You are right though – there are lots more good times and memories to be made! xo


  2. Lol I’m not that much younger than you because I have those old photo envelopes too 🙂 You make me feel better about taking hundreds of photos on our recent beach holiday! Your photo is beautiful – a moment frozen in time. Thanks for linking up xx


    • Thanks Cathy – Glad to hear you took hundreds of photo’s on your recent beach holiday. You will be glad when your kids are my kids age – trust me! xo


  3. They do! They really do! My PrincessBF turned 13 this week! Where do the years go? Beach holidays are the best ones too!

    Visiting from #FYBF – Have a great weekend 🙂


  4. Oh Min, I feel emotional reading this. I’ve got two little ones and I’ve just become so aware of how fast they grow. So so fast. Doesn’t matter how many times people tell you that before you have your own, you don’t understand what they mean until you see it for yourself. I had a dream when my 3 year old was a baby and I remember waking up from it crying. I was trying to explain why to my mum – in my dream I had this profound sense of loss and grief for her but she hadn’t died. When I woke I realised that I was crying because in the dream she had grown up and left me. So bittersweet this parenting gig xx


    • Hi Sarah – oh dear – what an awful dream! Don’t worry you have a long time to go yet before worrying about your 3 year old leaving. It’s only now that I’m starting to realise how NOT ready I am to have mine leave…though it is probably not too far off! Yep this parenting gig is wonderful but kinda tough at times 😉 xo


    • Hi Valerie – thank you! Your children are lovely ages and it’s wonderful to hear you’re being mindful of enjoying the moments and thinking about keepsakes. I would love to read your post. I will pop over! Thanks for your comment 🙂