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The 10 M’s of my life

The lovely Rita from The Crafty Expat put out a challenge to her readers to put up a post with the ten words of their life starting by the first letter of their first name.  See her post here.


As my name begins with an M, these are the ten M’s of my life…

  1. Maternal – I have a very nurturing nature.  My children are grown and need less cuddles from their mum nowadays.  I lost one of my loved dogs in August 2011.  My remaining dog was getting old (Chelsea is nearly 13), so what do I do?  I get a new puppy – Ava.  I have some sort of inane need to mother and nurture.
  2. Mother – I was destined to be a mother.  I always wanted to be a mother.  I finally did become a mother.  I am mother to three beautiful young adults – twin boys aged 20 and a daughter aged 17.
  3. Meticulous – I pay a lot of attention to detail.  It is part of my perfectionism.  I like things done well and properly.
  4. Methodical – I like to develop systems or procedures so that things can be done well.  I like order (doesn’t mean I always achieve it though!).  Again, all part of my perfectionist nature.
  5. Marguerite – my real name.  You didn’t know that did you?  Min is my nickname.  There is a story to how I got my nickname but I will save that for another blog post.
  6. Mango – my favourite fruit.  I adore Mango’s!!
  7. Marriage – I’ve been married for 28 years.  I was only 20 when I got married.  A successful marriage requires commitment, communication, understanding, patience, tolerance, time together and time apart.  It’s a constant work in progress and not always easy.  I think too many people give up on marriage too easily.
  8. Markets – I love going to markets and browsing around.  Even better if I find a bargain to purchase.  I love doing this with friends and incorporating a coffee and/or lunch!
  9. May – May is a busy and meaningful month for me!  There are many family birthdays in May – mine, my mothers, my daughter’s, my husband’s, my sister-in-law’s and one of my niece’s.  It is also the month of ‘Mothers Day’.
  10. Mitchell – When I was in Year 4 or 5 we moved to Mitchell in south-west Queensland.  We lived there for two years.  It stands out in my memory of my childhood years.  Those two years seemed like much longer for a child.  It was a bit of a culture shock.  City girl goes to country and all that jazz.  I have mostly fond memories of that time.   I say mostly because there were some scary things about Mitchell – it had centipedes and scorpions and snakes and burrs and bore water (which we boiled before drinking) amongst other things!  I particularly loved being a member of the pony club.  I loved horse riding!  I even went over jumps!  I remember getting my first two-wheeled bike for Christmas one year when we lived in Mitchell and riding up and down our street for hours and hours on end.  I loved the house we lived in.  It was big and had a lovely big front verandah.  It was also just across the road from the Maranoa River and we had many adventures over there as the river was mostly dry when we lived there.  I shared a huge bedroom with my sister.  It had massive built-in wardrobes in the bottom of which we set up houses for our barbie’s and had lots of fun arranging the furniture and having our barbie’s visit each other.  I also have memories of some lovely friends from school.

So there you go.  The 10 M’s of my life.  Did you learn a little bit more about me?

I think I will continue Rita’s idea and challenge IBOT’ers and all my readers to put up a post with the ten words of your life starting with the first letter of your first name.  Like Rita said, if you’re not a blogger, just write your words in the comment section. 

So, tell me: What are the ten … of your life?


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  1. Tee hee hee great minds think alike, I did the ten Js today on my blog! Loved reading this and getting to know you better. I have no idea how you get Min from Marguerite but then I remember going to school with a Marguerite who was known as Peg.
    It sounds like we have heaps in common … found myself nodding in agreement right up til number 10 … have never lived in a country town! City slicker all the way 🙂


    • You did well with your ten J’s Janet. I would struggle with J I think!! I’ll do a post one day about how Min came from Marguerite 😉 I’m glad I didn’t get called Peg!!


    • Thank you! I hated it as a child but I’m liking it more now. I contemplate switching back to it but I never get called that anymore so it’s a bit hard to go back! x


    • Hi Becc – definately busy and a little broke in May but not as much as at Xmas time!! There are no complaints from me about getting two presents in May LOL – that’s for sure 😉


  2. Loved reading your post Min. Marguerite is such a beautiful name! Now I’m all curious to know what’s the story behind your nickname! I agree with you about what you said regarding marriage. Thanks so much for playing along. I’m sharing your post on Facebook!


    • Thanks Rita! It was fun playing along. I was lucky – M was easy for me! I do think Marguerite is a lovely name now. I didn’t like it much as a child though. I’ll do a blog post one day on how Min came from Marguerite 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing my post on FB 🙂 xo