365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 149

365 Grateful - Day 149

Last week my daughter (MissM) had an interview at a local coffee/cake shop for a casual part-time job.  Today she went off for a 2 hour trial.  Tomorrow she hears whether she gets the job or not.  There are at least two of them that got to the trial run stage.  The photo today is her dressed all in black (as they requested) just before I dropped her off for her trial run.

This week is ‘Orientation Week’ at the University where she will commence the first year of her degree.  A whole new life is starting for her.  It’s exciting!

I’m grateful for all the exciting opportunities available to my daughter.  May her new life (post school) be a happy one, full of fun and achievements to be proud of!




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  1. My girl is starting her first year of a nursing degree at UQ.
    Exciting for our daughters and us mums too.
    Where do the years go.Feels like it was not too long ago she was starting preschool.
    All the best for you and your girl.Xx