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Worry is a misuse of imagination

Worry is a misuse of imagination

It’s no secret that I am a worrier.  I wasn’t always but certainly am now.  Most of my worries are conjured up possible happenings at the hands of my wild imagination and they never eventuate….thankfully!  Most (not all) of my worries relate to the safety of my children and my family.

I looked up the word ‘worry’ and here are a few definitions I found:

  • Give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.
  • A state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.
  • To feel uneasy or concerned about something; be troubled.
  • To feel or experience concern or anxiety.

There are two key words above that strike me.  The first one is the word ‘potential‘.  That possible potential happenings or outcomes is what gives root to my wild imagination and causes me to worry and become anxious.  Therefore, to me, the quote above ‘Worry is a misuse of imagination‘ relates to those POTENTIAL happenings that our imaginations go crazy conjuring up and that most likely and hopefully will never eventuate.

The other key word is ‘dwell‘.  This is when we are ‘worried’ about something we did or said or have to do and we dwell on it.  In the case of something we did or said:  perhaps our imagination blows it up to be a bigger problem than it really is, maybe we convince ourselves that we said something stupid or that someone thinks something of us that they actually don’t!  In the case of an upcoming thing we have to do, perhaps we worry unnecessarily in advance and conjure up scenario’s that won’t ever eventuate.  Again in this instance the quote ‘Worry is a misuse of imagination’ relates.

Worry definitely is a misuse of an imagination that could be put to far better use – like creativity and purpose – but it must be acknowledged that worrying is a hard thing to stop.

If you’re a worrier, here are some resources I’ve found on the web that may help (I haven’t read these in full myself yet):


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  1. I am a worrier too Min – I always have been. Thankfully with medication it’s less debilitating, but it still never goes away entirely. At this stage in my life my worries are fairly applicable – being a single Mum to an autistic child, how I am going to support us etc. Although I’ve learnt – largely due to meditation – to try not to fixate on what I am worried about. Because in the end if I worry, or not, it’s not going to affect the outcome.

    Hugs, Meg xo


    • Ahhh I didn’t know that Meg. Worrying sucks – such wasted energy. So glad you are managing it even though it never goes entirely. I didn’t know your situation but now I do I can understand where your worries stem from. I find doing things that make me happy (like writing and photography and pottering around the house) and things that relax me help … and creativity 🙂 You are right though … worrying in the end does not affect the outcome. Big hugs to you! xo


      • Thank you so much Min :-). I am exactly the same! I find gardening and housework really helps. And also photography (my favourite). It’s definitely challenging though living with anxiety, so I am sending much love to you. Meg xo