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365 Grateful – Day 147

365 Grateful - Day 147

This afternoon after feeding Ava her dinner, I took her outside to do her business.  She did that and then was wandering up the side of the house, so I followed.  What I found when I wandered up the side of our house upset me.  I discovered that while we were away on holidays the neighbours had decided to not only cut back the overhang of our bushes on their side of the fence (fine by me) but had hacked into our bushes on our side of the fence.  Not only that, but they had shoved all the offcuts to our side of the fence.  So not only did I discover our bushes to be hacked into and now looking ugly and disfigured but I found a mountain of mess that will have to be dealt with.  I could feel my horror and temper building.  I am not good at making complaints, or confrontation but something will need to be said as this really is unacceptable and I don’t want to see this happen again.

So tonight, I needed some calming.  Dim lighting and candles calm me.  The lantern you see in the photo has a tealight candle in it.  It was a gift from my sister who spent 10 years living as an expat in Asia.  I can’t remember which asian country it came from but I love it.  It is beautiful.  The little turtle and fish to its right, my husband brought back from a work trip to the Solomon Islands.

I’m grateful for dim lighting and candles when I need some calming.

p.s.  a glass or two of wine also helps!



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    • Thanks Meg – you are so nice! It was a big shock. I can’t believe anyone could do that. I’m going to have to avoid walking down that side as it is too upsetting to see what they have done to my bushes. MrMM will have to be the designated cleaner-upper of the mess and talking to the neighbours. I’m trying to block it out and think positively 🙂 xo


  1. Oh wow that’s just rude … I have had a disagreement with our neighbours on the block of land that we just sold … so I am very glad not to have anything to do with them again!


    • It is rude isn’t it! I couldn’t believe my eyes! They are usually very nice neighbours so it has come as a shock. We had the neighbours from hell at our last house (just on one side) *shaking my head in horror as I recall* who we were glad to get away from so I know what you mean about the neighbours to the block of land you’ve just sold!


    • Hi Veronica (hope I got your name right), isn’t that lantern just gorgeous. Yes it and the vino did help. Today – deep breaths and avoiding the area are also helping. I really don’t like confrontation at all. I’m a peace lover 😉 Thank you for visiting! xo