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Welcome Home Mum!

I am home from our holiday at Caloundra and back to proper internet access!   This morning as I’ve been wandering around doing stuff, I found myself mentally writing a blog post (do other bloggers do that?) so why not actually WRITE a blog post and get it all outta my head – even though I don’t normally write blog posts on weekends (apart from my 365 grateful photo’s).  You’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot as they say!

This is one of those dot pointed type blog posts sharing my random thoughts and happenings!

  • We decided to leave the beach house a day early because the rain had set in and well we were getting a little bored.  You see there is not much wet weather activity you can do when you have a puppy on board!  Having second thoughts about that decision now we are home.  You’ll see why soon.
  • Men might not want to read this dot point.  Quick – click away now or just put your hand over this one and skip to the next!…………………..are you gone?………………..too late………… goes………well there is a cool picture you might like……..Bill decided to visit me on Friday (that’s my name for the female monthly visitor).  Yep Friday was yesterday.  Yesterday was when we needed to pack up and clean the beach house.  It’s also where we needed to unpack and put away stuff at home.  Bill sucks away ALL my energy.  He is a like one of those dementors from Harry Potter – evil and life sucking!!  He also gave me a really bad headache that developed into a migraine and rendered me useless.  Thanks for that Bill!


  • I told the kids to make sure the house was clean and tidy for our arrival home.  On first inspection, I was pleased to see that the kitchen was cleared.  Washing up was done.  There were no dirty dishes on the kitchen benches – MIRACLE!  On closer inspection:  Someone had been sleeping in our bed and not made it, there were fur balls and stuff throughout the house and obviously a vacuum cleaner had not been used since I had last been home, there was a small mountain of empty toilet rolls on the toilet floor, the toilet roll holder had not been restacked, err … you get the picture.  Obviously if the kitchen is tidy … mum will be happy 🙂  I didn’t say anything – the kitchen being tidy by my children’s hands is a miracle not to be ruined!!
  • I am drowning in a sea of washing.  I’m not joking!  Add that to the fact that we have non washing friendly wet weather.  I have a bit of a clothesline under cover in our pergola but not enough for the volume of washing I have.  Mr Dryer will be put into action big time I think!  We had to take all our own linen (sheets, tea towels, bath towels, beach towels etc) to the beach house.  While MrMM and I kept our washing of clothes up to date when up at the beach house, the same could not be said of our three darling children who were back here at home.  Here’s some snaps of my laundry and this was taken after two loads of washing have been done!

Washing 1

Washing 2

Washing 3

  • My phone horoscope has me kind of excited and kind of perplexed – what new career opportunity?!!  Have a look:


See what I mean?!  Do you believe your horoscope readings?  I do – especially when they sound good.  When they are bad – the horoscope writer was obviously having an off day!  A big change, a new career opportunity, strong creativity, a powerhouse of ideas!  These are things I would like to happen and would like to believe about myself!  I am choosing to believe this horoscope because it’s a good one and if I believe it, it may well become reality or maybe it already is but I just don’t know it!  🙂

  • When we were away I was so proud of puppy Ava.  She did not do one wee or poo in the beach house.  She went outside every time.  Since we have returned home, I have been on my hands and knees cleaning up wee’s and poo’s too many times and I am not happy about it, especially with Bill visiting, as you could imagine!  So this morning, after being quite cross after cleaning up a million tiny snake poo’s, I told puppy Ava to go outside and to remember that THAT is where wee’s and poo’s are to be done and NOT in my house which is NOT a toilet.  Bill makes me a little crankier than usual *sigh*.  Well she was gone for a while out there and I was beginning to feel bad, so I mentioned to MrMM…….”is Ava still outside”.  He went and checked and came back in and told me she was chewing on a DEAD RAT……..ewwwwww and OMG!  So I have been forcing her to drink heaps of water and hoping she didn’t get any bad disease off that thing!  MrMM has since disposed of the dead rat.  Apparently it was dead a long time – i.e. kinda flat and dried out.  Sorry for the graphics!  Ewwww again!!
  • MissMM has gone off to perform again.  She’s in a production that runs every weekend until the 23rd of March – last show.  I’m a little envious of her at the moment.  She has a ROMANTIC boyfriend who for Valentines Day gave her a ginormous chocolate thingy that is sooo big it can’t fit in the fridge.  We had to take all the chocolates out of the box and put them in NUMEROUS (yes numerous!!) tupperware containers so that her chocolates could be refrigerated.  I said to her – “surely with that many chocolates, your mother could have one”.  I can she said – but only if I ask first.  So far I have been allowed one but only because she felt sorry for me about Bill and all.  But wait that is not all – he also gave her the most beautiful bottle of perfume.  Smells divine and the bottle is just gorgeous.  I wasn’t allowed to see the card.  I imagine it contains private confessions of undying love and such.  I am actually very happy for her 😉
  • My first ever competition/giveaway has now closed and this weekend I will be reading through the entries and determining the two winners.  Very exciting!
  • I have lots of exciting blog ideas – I think the break away gave me the space to think and allowed some creativity to come forward.  OMG – maybe the horoscope is actually ON THE MARK!!
  • I have so many emails to answer at my blogs email address.  I can’t believe it.  Some people actually read my blog!  It’s wonderful!
  • MrMM and Twin1 are about to go to tennis.  MissMM is out performing.  That means it will just be Twin2 and I plus the dogs.  I think Twin2 is here?  If he is – he hasn’t surfaced from his bedroom yet.  Maybe I should knock and check he is alive?

I’d better stop there.  There is so much more bursting to come out but I’ll save it for another blog post.  I must go back to the laundry.  I may get lost in there.  If I disappear from my blog – you know where to send the search party!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


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  1. I looove that you named that time of the month after a male!
    I understand how you feel as I too get zapped of all my energy and often get migrains with it.
    Yes dear old Bill is not kind to us when he visits…which is always the worst time to come aswell.
    I hope your horoscope is true for you and all your wonderful creativity takes you to great places.Xx


    • Hi Deby! LOL – the name ‘Bill’ has been used by my mum and sisters and I since day dot! Not sure how it came about? Bill visits at such inopportune times. He is a most unwelcome visitor at the best of times though *sigh*! I hope my horoscope is true too. Thank you! xo


  2. Welcome back, I missed you!

    I’ll make you jealous now, I had a hysterectomy last year :-). They left my ovaries in though so I can still tell when I’m cycling by the horrible headache/migraine once a month. Ughhhhhhhh ….


    • Oh thank you Janet! That is so nice and just lovely to hear when I’ve had an upsetting afternoon! BTW – this comment went into my spam but I saved it. I don’t know why some go there and some dont? That is a buggar that you still get the horrible headache/migraine even after a hysterectomy! I have to say this visit of Bill’s has been one of THE worst ever. I’ll be glad when he doesn’t visit me any more!! xxoo


  3. Great to hear you have many blogging ideas Min! You certainly have to believe your horoscope! I have to do too! We have the same horoscope! I’m the 22 of May. I’m sure there are many opportunities coming your way.
    Also, yesterday I mentally wrote three blog posts while I was cleaning the house!


    • Hi Rita! Fancy us being the same star sign. I’m not surprised actually! I am sure the horoscope is true for both of us. Opportunities and creativity abounds! lol So pleased to hear you mentally write blog posts while you are cleaning the house just as I do. How funny! xo


    • The break away was great. Just got home in time before this horrible weather set in. Still haven’t done ALL the washing…but what I’ve done is all dry thanks to the dryer and my under cover line! Still raining here too! xo


    • LOL – I’m sure there are many mothers with similar looking laundry floors! Mine is clear now but the laundry basket is close to overflowing again. Still got rainy weather hear too! Agghh! Seems that writing blog posts in one’s head is a blogger thing. Glad I’m not mad 😉