365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 144

365 Grateful - Day 144

Happy Valentines day to you all!  Yes, today is Valentines day….apparently!

You see, I am not married to a romantic man.  He scoffs at Valentines day, rolls his eyes and mutters things like ‘what a load of rubbish…what makes it different to any other day….etc’.  After 28 years of marriage, I know that he will not suddenly become Mr  Romantic!  I have tried in the past and really it’s not quite the same when you have to hint to your husband to buy flowers or such.  It would mean so much more if it was of his own initiative.  So….I have made peace with it.  No storybook romance for me!

I did try to organise something a little special for today.  I enquired at the cafe down the road whether it would be ok for us to bring a puppy with us if we came for breakfast.  We would of course be sitting outdoors and on the periphery (out of the way).  I was told that yes it was ok but that we would have to sit in the designated area.  The designated area for ‘dog people’ has no roofing – it is out in the open air.  That would be fine …. except if it happened to rain!  Of course this morning when I woke – it was raining – so coffee and toast on the deck it was!

I used to despair at MrMM’s lack of a romantic nature, but nowadays I am taking the time to notice all the simple things that he does for me that are in fact romantic … just not in the storybook way.  For example, the way he makes me a cup of coffee after dinner and the way he will do a lot of the running around to the shops or dropping kids off or picking them up to relieve me of some of it, or the way he will cook dinner sometimes when I am too tired.

I’m grateful for the simple non-storybook romantic things my husband does for me.

The photograph today is a loveheart made from leaves and a flower on the deck of the Caloundra beach house taken this morning.  P.S.  the sun is now shining and I may even get to the beach today!


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    • Thanks Annaleis – We will have plenty of opportunity when we get home 🙂 People may wonder why we didn’t just leave the puppy at home. Problem is … she is teething, she has a sore mouth and is off her food and missing the kids and chelsea (our other dog) and I am one BIG softie and I don’t want to leave her here all by herself. Happy Valentiens Day to you too! xo


  1. This is the same as my partner, doesnt see the point in Valentines day. Which I don’t mind. I too focus on the little things. Id much rather someone who does amazing things all year round 🙂

    He sounds like a great guy!


    • Totally agree! I’d rather have a partner who is supportive, loving and helpful year round then one who just gives me flowers once a year 😉 Happy V Day to you! xo


  2. Indeed it was raining our end of the coast today too Min! My other half and I have decided that our weekend away is to be our romantic time… well if we were to do anything different to our everyday. 😉
    Looks like it’s rain for the whole weekend on the Sunshine Coast – I’m praying Sydney will be a little kinder!
    Happy Valentines Day to you! xxx


    • Hi Carmen, it turned into a beautiful day after the morning rain though didn’t it! A weekend away sounds lovely – hope it’s not too far away for you! Yep we’ve seen the weather forecast for the Sunshine Coast. We were going on home on Saturday but have decided to go home sometime tomorrow as there’s no point staying Saturday if it’s raining. I’m ready to go home now anyway 🙂 xo