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I’ve been having retirement thoughts!

I’ve been having ‘retirement’ thoughts since being up here on holidays at the Sunshine Coast.  Yes, I know, I am far too young for those kind of thoughts!!  Well … not really!  You can think about retirement at any age … right?  It’s called planning ahead … contemplating and stuff!

This year will be my last birthday in my 40’s.  It shocks me and rocks & rattles me quite a bit that next year will be the big 5-0!!  I remember throwing a party for my mother’s 50th like it was only yesterday.  It was in fact just over 21 years ago.  Where did all that time go?  I remember thinking at the time – oh my god poor mum is getting old!  WRONG!  That was not old!  So in 2014, midway through the year, it will be my turn to turn 50.  At this point, I cannot get my head around being that age….but I have over a year to prepare and accept this milestone.  Better to be 50 then the alternative…right?

Very importantly … at the moment … I am still a very young 48 years of age!!

MrMM is five years older than me so when it comes to retirement, it is a little closer for him.  Anyway, regardless of our ages, thoughts of retirement and where to retire have been passing through my mind for many years.

So, on my thoughts of retirement, the big question is – “where do I want to retire to”?  I know one thing for certain.  I don’t want to stay in our current house for the rest of my days.

  • I get torn between near the beach and up in the mountains.  Then I think – why not combine them both.  Maybe the Sunshine Coast Hinterland?



  • I like a little bit of country/rural.  I don’t want to retire in suburbia.  I want space but not too much space.  I’d like room for veggie and herb gardens and maybe some animals (a dog, chooks maybe).  I don’t want to be able to hear my neighbours.

country house

  • I would still like easy access to shops, cafe’s and restaurants.


  • I wouldn’t want to be too far away from my children.
  • I don’t cope well in the heat, so often have dreams of retiring to somewhere with a cooler climate (like Tasmania for instance!).  This is unlikely to happen though for a couple of reasons, some of which will become apparent when you read on and also including the fact that MrMM, unlike me, does not like the cold!  He would rather move to somewhere like Cairns!  I would melt and wither in tropical North Queensland!

I think it is going to be interesting finding somewhere to retire that MrMM and I can agree on.  He was born and bred in the Wynnum Manly area and in particular, he is very attached to his tennis club and would still want to play fixtures there at weekends.  He has been a member at the club since he was a small child.   His brother plays there and his father played there.  In fact there is a plaque on the wall dedicated to his father.  The club is a vital part of his family.  I did raise the subject a few days ago and he said perhaps in retirement, if we move away, he should have a unit in the Wynnum Manly area for his tennis weekends.  Hmm…see I told you…it will be a wrench for him.

So, I’m interested, do you have retirement thoughts?  Where would you want to retire to?

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Beach photo:  Taken by myself on a late afternoon walk along Currimundi Beach, Caloundra – February 2013.

Country House:

Sunshine Coast Hinterland (mountains):



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  1. We would love to travel Australia again in our caravan once we retire … we also have occasional thoughts of moving to a cooler climate. Like you said, suddenly retirement is really not that far away!


    • My hubby would like to travel around Australia in a caravan. I’m not sure about it. It would have to be an air-conditioned and spacious caravan for me! lol I dont like being hot and I also am a bit claustrophobic! I’d love to live in a cooler climate but doubt I’d ever get hubby to agree to that 🙂


    • Hi Emily – yes I’ve thought about up around Maleny, Montville, Mapleton area. Definately places I might look at when the time comes. I love it up there! 🙂


    • Oh man … I am so much older than you *sigh*!! No I couldn’t live in Darwin – way too hot for me – but I’d love to visit! I’d try and pick the least hot time of year to visit 🙂 My parents met in Darwin – so I’m really interested in going there some day!


  2. No retirements thought here! Quite the opposite! But my husband turned 42 yesterday and it had an impact on him. He told me that when he was in his 20’s, he thought that 40 was old and now there he was!


    • Hi Rita – I feel the same as your husband. In my 20’s I thought 40’s was old but now I’m in my 40’s it is not old at all! I think I should have named this post differently because I’m not thinking of retiring yet or for quite some time! I’m just pondering where I might like to when I do 🙂


      • That’s for sure Rita! Too many years spent in a concrete jungle doing the corporate thing and leaving no room or time for my creative side. There’s many years ahead for me to try another way now 😉 xo