365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 141

365 Grateful - Day 141

As I packed up my Sportscraft Ava Beach Tote this morning to head to the shops and beach, as I have every day since I have been at Caloundra on holiday, I knew that I needed to dedicate a grateful photo to it.  It has been wonderful!  It has lots of pockets and places for the safe keeping of my belongings and it has oodles of room in it.  It can hold my purse, my glasses, my sunnies, my beach towel, my mobile phone, my book, my Nikon camera and much more.

This gorgeous Sportscraft Ava Beach Tote was a surprise gift to me from Sportscraft and one that I am very thankful and grateful for.  If you would like to know the story you can read it here.

I haven’t taken many photo’s of my beach tote whilst up here on holiday but I did take one today at the beach knowing that I wanted to dedicate today’s grateful photo to it (the picture on the left) and you can see it there in the picture on the right from when MrMM, MissM and I went to Cotton Tree at Maroochydore.  A larger version of the photo on the right was my 365 Grateful – Day 138 photo.

I’m very grateful for my gorgeous Sportscraft Ava Beach Tote.  It has been fabulous for this holiday and will continue to be a favourite for many years to come!