365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 139

365 Grateful - Day 139

It’s just Ava and I at the beach house until tomorrow afternoon.  MrMM has taken MissM and the boys back home and will return tomorrow.  MissM had to go back as she is performing over the weekend.  She also has other commitments during next week.  The following week will be Orientation Week at her University.  Twin1 and Twin2 opted to go back with them.  I guess it’s not so cool holidaying with your parents when you are 20.  We decided it was probably best they take Chelsea back with them also.  It will make it easier for MrMM and I to get out and about with just Ava.

So Ava and I are here on our lonesome.  I guess I should relish this lovely quiet time but I can’t help but feel a little sad and lonely.  The days of our whole family holidaying together are ending.  Ava has been sitting on the deck waiting for them to return.  She is feeling a little sad too.

We will both go for a lovely beach walk later – weather permitting!  Dinner for one tonight – what a strange concept when I am so used to cooking for five.  I’m thinking maybe something simple like an egg on toast or something!

Today’s photograph was taken on our walk along Moffat Beach yesterday afternoon. You can see MrMM with Ava, MissM, and the Twins with Chelsea.

I’m grateful for the past week – having all my family together on holiday.