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Yesterday MissM and I spent the day with a very good friend of mine, her daughter and friends who are holidaying in Mooloolaba, hence this post being a day late.

We had a great day!  It was late afternoon (‘happy hour’) and my friend and I were sitting on the balcony enjoying the beautiful view, sipping on wine and nibbling away at a cheese platter when all of a sudden a beautiful rainbow appeared before us.  It was quite miraculous because as we watched it suddenly appear before us, we noticed that it was showering (light rain) just underneath the rainbow, but nowhere outside of the rainbow!  The rainbow started as very faint, then became so much more vibrant and clear and then later we noticed a second rainbow emerging – so there before us was a double rainbow!!  It all happened very quickly and before long all evidence of rainbows had vanished.  We snapped as many photo’s as we could with our phones.   In fact, I have so many photo’s that it was very hard to choose which ones to include in this post today.  I could not get the entire rainbow in any photo but the first photo shows most of it before it became a double rainbow.  The second photo shows the faint emergence of the second rainbow.

I’m grateful for the magical moment with my good friend watching a beautiful rainbow emerge over the waters of Mooloolaba beach.


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    • Thanks Leigh – yes we were very lucky. It was magical 🙂 Loving the holiday. It’s so lovely to have a little break from all the jobs at home and it is just so beautiful up here 🙂 xo