365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 135

365 Grateful - Day 135

The beach house at Caloundra where we are currently staying for our holiday belongs to MrMM’s brother and his wife.  We have been coming here for many years.

The photograph today is looking up to the loft in the back bedroom.  The ground level has four single beds and the loft has a double mattress.  The loft has always been the cause of great excitement for my kids.  When they were little we would have to organise a roster so they all got a turn up there.  The stair/ladder up to the loft has a pulley device attached to it, with a sandbag that hangs outside the house.  All very intricate and clever and built by my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law’s brother.

There’s been many a time in the past that two or more families converged to stay here (us included) as the house can sleep many!   There are many great memories.

At the moment, MissM is sleeping in the loft.  Somehow, I think she will have it for the duration of our holiday.  My kids are no longer little kids and the appeal of the loft is not quite the same.  Twin1 is in one of the single beds and Twin2, who was up here first, nabbed one of the other bedrooms.  For me, however, the loft still gives me a sense of excitement.  Perhaps there is still some kid left in me after all.

I’m grateful for the Caloundra beach house, the loft, and all the memories of previous holidays here.


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  1. Oh this is fabulous!!!!! I love it 🙂

    I think being a Qld girl I have extra appreciation, as many of my family holidays were spent in Caloundra, and walking along Kings Beach.

    That loft has such an air of excitement about it – it appeals to the big kid in me 🙂


    • So glad I’m not the only ‘adult’ who finds the loft exciting LOL It certainly is lovely up here. We’re at Moffat Beach but we’ll be visiting Kings Beach and lots of other beaches around Calounda. Will also go visit Mooloolaba and Cotton Tree .. some favourite spots 🙂