365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 134

365 Grateful - Day 134

We’re on holidays at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  Today Ava went to the beach for the very first time and Chelsea revisited the beach which she loves so much.  Chelsea will be 13 on March 3rd and has bad arthritis in her back legs, so this was a big achievement for her.  My sons carried her some of the way but she enjoyed walking and in fact broke into a run a couple of times!  Ava, was beside herself with excitement.  She was like an energizer bunny.  So much to see!  So many other dogs!  Funny foamy moving water!  A strange surface beneath her paws!  Lots of wind!  New sounds!

Oh my goodness, I get so much joy from seeing them both so happy.

I’m grateful for what I experienced today – Ava’s first time ever at the beach, and Chelsea revisiting the beach she loves so much, both of them smiling and excited.

The photo’s today were taken with my phone and as internet access up here is dodgy, editing has been limited to an app on my phone where I only lightened them a little as they were a bit dark.  I find it hard editing on a phone – small screen + bad eyesight does a great photo not make!


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    • Thanks Jules! I was laughing and crying at the same time. To watch Ava’s excitement and happiness was such a joy 🙂 Also to see the excitement and joy in our nearly 13 years of age Chelsea was beautiful. Can you believe she even broke into a run! Love seeing my dogs happy 🙂 xo