365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 133

365 Grateful - Day 133

I love holidays, but I really dislike the preparations and packing required to go away.  Now that all our kids are finished with schooling, we’re taking our annual holiday outside of the school holiday period.  We’re heading up to Caloundra at the Sunshine Coast.  MrMM, Twin2 and Chelsea are already up there.  As my daughter is performing over this weekend and has a commitment tomorrow, MissM, Twin1, Ava and I head up as soon as we can tomorrow.  So, it’s really busy here right now!

As I was in and out to the clothes line today, I noticed a heap of ants on the bricks of the house.  Have you noticed that ants are always busily scurrying around?  Today I feel like a busy scurrying ant!  I’m so grateful that this is not how I feel every day 🙂  I tried to get a photo of a whole lot of them but they were too quick…and I ran out of time.  So here is a photo of one solo very fast and busy ant.

I’m grateful that I’m not an ant!




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  1. We go to Kings Beach Caloundra for holidays every year.Just love it.Especially the beautiful views along the boardwalk.
    Hope you have a wonderful time.x


    • Hi Deby – oh Kings Beach is lovely. The water park there is great for the kids! We’re at Moffat Beach in a beach house that belongs to my hubby’s brother and his wife 🙂 Enjoying being away so much already xx