365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 131

365 Grateful - Day 131

Tonight I am very much looking forward to having a shower and washing my hair.  It’s been a long, hot day!  As you saw in my 365 Grateful – Day 123 post, I really enjoy the occasional soak in a tub (by candlelight!) but I also love my showers.  I love the feel of standing under a strong stream of water as it hits my skin.  I do a lot of thinking in the shower and just quietly … a little bit of singing! 🙂

We often take for granted the fact that we can just step into a shower cubicle, turn on the taps and hey presto – there’s a gorgeous warm, hot or cool stream of water to bathe under!  Sadly, many people are not so fortunate.

I’m grateful for my shower and its lovely strong stream of water, and the lovely time out it provides to think!