365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 130

365 Grateful - Day 130

This is an Agave in a pot by my pool.  I love the shapes, the colours, the smooth lines.  They are such hardy plants.  Drought tolerant in fact, which is perfect here in Queensland where we can go long periods without rain (though we sure got our fair share of rain just recently!!).

That flat, down mood is within me again today.  Not sure why.  I hope it will go away soon!

I suppose these down days do provide some insight with regards to how to help snap yourself out of it.  I know a couple of things:

  1. Nature has a way of lifting my spirits.  There is beauty in all of it.  You just need to stop and look.
  2. For some reason, nature gives me the most pleasure when looking through the lens of a camera.  There is that excitement of maybe capturing something really special.  Therefore, photography definitely lifts my spirits also.  I love it!  It has given me a way to stop, notice and capture beauty.  I also love that it provides a great distraction, because I love to play around with different shot angles and usually take many different shots with the hope of capturing at least that one special shot.  I love that about photography.

I’m grateful for photography and nature for providing me with distraction, beauty, hope and joy when I need it.


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  1. I would love to be a better photographer. It’s definitely on my list when I next get a chance for a bit of study/research into a new hobby. This is a beautiful image and I guess it gives you a different way of looking at a plant you may have walked pas a 100 times before. Good luck lifting your mood.


    • Thanks Lara. I’m still learning photography, lots more to learn but I love it whether I’m good at it or not 🙂 Hoping this blah mood has been shaken off by tomorrow 😉


  2. I’m having a bit of a flat day myself Min so I understand where you are coming from – I hope it’s a better one for you tomorrow. And I absolutely adore agaves – I would love some in big beautiful pots in my new house!


    • Hi Kirsty – ohh not you too. Well I hope we both have a non-flat day tomorrow. Maybe a spherical day instead?! lol Agaves are great – lovely architectural, regal look about them and so, so hardy. Put them in a great looking pot and voila! Hope you can get some for your new house 🙂


  3. Got to love the mighty agave and the beauty of nature. Sometimes, I wonder if blah days are there to remind us to be gentle with ourselves. I love your idea of getting the camera out, probably a great head space to get creative in. It certainly worked for your pic. It’s beautiful x


    • Agaves are beautiful aren’t they?! Yes I think blah days happen for a reason. I have a habit of being too hard on myself. Getting the camera out always helps me. Thank you so much for saying the photo is beautiful. That makes me happy 🙂 xo